Microsoft has pledged that it will continue updating its Xbox 360 home console as well as the Kinect sensor with new and better software, in order to upgrade their abilities and provide even more special features to its customers. Microsoft has been packing the features onto its Xbox 360 home console for many years now, while the Kinect, which was released last year, has seen its detection powers increase tenfold over the last months, while new games are using the improved sensor for even more refined experiences. Microsoft's Senior Xbox Product Manager David Dennis confirmed to Eurogamer that the North American company will continue to release improved software for both devices, in order to increase their powers as well as make them even more impressive in the eyes of consumers. "I think like we showed at E3, like Kudo showed with Kinect Fun Labs – a lot of that tech is the advancements we've made in the accuracy, the tracking... being able to show finger tracking in the sparkles demo he did. You saw too with Ubisoft's gunsmith demo [for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier] he was using his hand to fire in the firing range mode. I think that's the kind of thing we're going to continue to iterate on." Dennis emphasized that, while the Xbox 360 is the same, in terms of hardware, since its release, the features have grown exponentially in order to keep it relevant in the eyes of consumers, and the same will happen with the Kinect. "That's the beauty of Xbox. We've been doing that with Xbox 360, starting three or four years ago - continuing to deploy new software updates to improve the functionality, like enabling finger tracking and voice search, and also to bring new partners like Netflix on," he said. "These [updates] are very deliberate and planned and programmed. There are already people working on things for next year and the year after inside our secret bunkers, and we'll continue to bring amazing stuff that consumers love." Microsoft is set to debut plenty of Kinect-only games, as well as titles with partial support for it, while a new Xbox experience is going to debut this fall and see the sensor play a major role in the interaction of gamers with the console.