1. How to Change Your Android Security Settings With Voice Commands.


    If you are feeling super lazy and don’t want to update your Android Security settings with your finger, like everyone else, you can actually just tell your phone what to do using your voice. This guide will show you how to change your Android smartphone or tablet’s security settings using voice commands.    

  2. How to Remove Auto URL Suggestions on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.


    A short guide showing you how to remove automatic URL suggestions from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This may save you a little future embarrassment.

  3. How to Stop Websites Asking For Your Location On Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and IE.


    The current generation of web browsers love to spam us with notifications for just about anything. This guide will show you how to turn off those annoying prompts that ask if you would like to share your location. A good percentage of the time your location has absolutely nothing to do with what you’re searching for.

  4. How to Upload Up to 10 Photos and Videos to Instagram in One Post. (Android & iOS)


    A guide showing you how to publish up to 10 photos or videos at the same time on Instagram.

  5. How to Install and Use Android on Your Computer or Laptop. (Not Blue Stacks)


    A guide showing you how to install and run Android on your Computer or Laptop. This method installs the Android OS directly onto your system as its OS. Alternatively, if you just wish to try it out, you can install it onto a bootable USB Flash Drive and run it that way.

  6. How to Disable Message Previews in the Windows 10 Mail App.


    A short guide showing you how to disable the expanded message preview in the Windows 10 mail app, which shows the first line of text for any emails in your inbox or other mail folders. This not only saves space but makes for a much more tidy, practical and user-friendly experience when using the mail app.

  7. How to Reset the Mail App in Windows 10 if it Isn't Working Correctly.


    The Windows Mail app and Calendar are probably two of the most reliable and least problem-prone apps on Windows 10, however doesn’t mean they are immune to issues. If you are having any sort of Syncing issues or the app just isn’t working the way it used to, this guide will show you how to reset it back to its default Windows 10 settings for a fresh start.  

  8. How to Share a USB Printer Over a Network on Windows 10.


    If you are using a USB Printer that doesn’t have a WiFi or Ethernet connection it doesn’t mean you can’t share it over your network. You can still turn it into a network printer that anyone on your network can use. Set up is quick, easy, and pain-free, so what are you waiting for, stop manually transferring documents and files from computer to computer.

  9. How to Reset Network Settings on Windows.


    If your Windows computer/laptop is having trouble connecting to the internet and you have tried all the usual fixes, here are a few ways to reset the network settings so you can start fresh.

  10. How to Find and use the New Evolution Items and New Berries in Pokemon GO.


    The Pokemon GO evolution game has all of a sudden got much more difficult for certain species. As well as amassing a huge amount of candy for that particular Pokemon you will also be required to use an Evolution item, similar to those used in the original games. So here’s the current and only known method to obtain those items in game.

  11. How to Block Anyone on Facebook. (Android, iOS or the Web)


    If you are looking for a way to stop people harassing and annoying you this short article details the steps you can take to block any Facebook user, from any iOS or Android Web Browser.

  12. 5 Android Apps to Help You Take Better Selfies.


    Five great Android Apps that will help you get your selfie game on point this summer.  

  13. How to Remove Programs That Won't Uninstall Properly on Windows.


    A few tips showing you how to remove those stubborn programs that just don’t want to be uninstalled or are just not uninstalled correctly.

  14. How to use Photoshop Plugins in GIMP


    A guide showing you step by step how to use Photoshop plugins in the free, open source GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) It's the best free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

  15. How to Watch YouTube Videos and Read the Comments at the Same Time.


    If you are someone who is torn between watching a YouTube video and reading the comments that come with it. The Struggle is over. Now you can read the comments and watch the video at the same time…

  16. How to Sign any PDF Document With Adobe Reader. (Without Printing)


    A guide showing you how to electronically sign PDF documents with Adobe Reader, saving you the hassle of printing and rescanning them.

  17. How to View All the App and in App Purchases You've Made on the Google Play Store.


    A quick guide showing you how to check how much money you have spent on the Google Play Store. Including in App purchases like Pokecoins in Pokemon Go. 

  18. How to Access Netflix Hidden Categories With this Chrome Extension.


    A guide showing you how to access all the Hidden Categories that Netflix has tucked away from your Chrome browser using a clever little lightweight extension. 

  19. How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp. (Android and iOS)


    A guide showing you how to activate the New Two-Step Verification security measure on WhatsApps for Both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Another layer of protection to keep your data and conversations secure.

  20. How to Open Images as Layers in Photoshop CS6.


    Tired of opening images as separate projects in photoshop only to cut and paste them onto your main project as a new layer? Find out how to open them straight away as a new layer.

  21. The Number One eReader App For Android Devices.


    There are endless eReader apps available on both the Android and iOS App Stores. Many of which offer pretty enjoyable experiences and a fair amount of customization. However, if you are in the market for a new eReader or are just curious what else is around, we have tracked down a fantastic app that’s well worth a look. Best of all it’s completely free!

  22. How to Make the Most of the Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Event. (All Things Pink).


    What’s new in the latest Pokemon Go Event. The All Things Pink Valentine’s Day celebration.

  23. February 2017’s PlayStation Plus Free games.


    This month’s list of Free PlayStation Plus games.

  24. How to Hide Your 'Birthday' & 'Is Now Friends Wth' Posts on Facebook.


    Whenever you add a new friend to your friends list on Facebook, everyone on your friends list and theirs will be informed with a lovely post “James and Jimmy” are now friends. The same thing happens when your birthday comes around each year. You probably already know you can hide your……

  25. How to Fix Bluetooth Connection Problems on Windows 10.


    A complete guide to troubleshooting all your Windows 10 Bluetooth connectivity issues. With step by step instructions covering a large range of possible situations.  

  26. How to Clear the Cache and Cookies on Chrome, Firefox and Edge.


    A tutorial showing you how to completely clear your web browser’s cache and cookie collection. Something you should be doing every so often to keep things clean and running smoothly.

  27. Make the Windows 10 Taskbar Completely Transparent.


    Previously we have shown you how to customize the web pages you frequently visit and how to create a Mac style icon dock for your Windows 10 Machine. Now we have a quick guide showing you how to make that annoying almost transparent Windows 10 taskbar completely transparent.  

  28. How to Enable Private Browsing on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.


    A guide showing you how to get back some of your Privacy online by using your Browser's Private/Incognito mode.

  29. How to Reopen Chrome Tabs When There’s No Reopen Option.


    A guide showing two different ways to open closed tabs on Google Chrome. A life saver if you have mistakenly closed them or if Chrome has crashed and not restored the last session correctly.

  30. How to Set All Folder View Options in Windows 10 to Display the Same.


    A guide showing you how to set all your folders in Windows 10 to display the same view format so you don’t have to change from "list" to "large icons" etc every time you enter a new folder.