1. How to Fix Downloads on Google Chrome Getting Stuck at 100%.


    A short tutorial showing you how to stop downloads in Google Chrome getting stuck at 100% and not finishing the final part of the download process. A strange Google Chrome error that can stop a large percentage of downloads from finishing properly. 

  2. How to Remove Thumbnail Images From Google Search Results on Chrome. (Disable Rich Search Image Suggestions on Google Chrome)


    A short tutorial showing you how to remove the added information and image thumbnails from search suggestions on Google Chrome. A new feature of Google Search and Google Chrome that shows a little more information, including website thumbnails when making searches.

  3. How to Restart Google Chrome Without Losing All Your Open Tabs.


    A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily restart Chrome at any time without losing any of the open tabs you are currently working with. An important skill to have if you use Google Chrome as your main Internet browser.

  4. How to Make Chrome Mute the Current Tab When Opening a New Tab With Audio. (Chrome Audio Focus)


    If you are a Google Chrome user who likes to try out new semi-experimental features, this article will show you how to find and enable Google Chrome Audio Focus. An interesting new feature that will automatically mute your current tab when opening a new tab that plays audio.

  5. How to Stop Chrome Tabs Reloading When You Switch to Them. (Disable Tab Discarding)


    If you have a powerful computer with plenty of ram at your disposal, you may wish to disable ‘Tab Discarding’ on Google Chrome to keep all tabs awake and active, even if they are placed in the background. Disabling this feature also prevents pages automatically reloading when switching back to them after a period of inactivity.

  6. Reset your browser to its default setting


    Resetting your browser to its default settings can help you get rid of unnecessary things, such as toolbars, difficult to remove search engines, or annoying extensions. Or you may want to delete all your personal data , browsing histories and logged sessions. How to deal with it? A reset of the web browser settings may be required in case these problems occur.

  7. How to use guest account in Chrome?


    If you frequently share your computer with other people, you can create so called guest user account in Windows. Thanks to this feature, your friends or relatives will not get access to your confidential data such as your browsing history or visited URL address at the address bar. The same feature is offered by Chrome.

  8. Chrome 29: reset your browser easier


    Another update to Google Chrome is out. Now you can reset all your settings to their defaults. Omnibox has also been improved, along with a couple of other modifications that have certainly enhanced user experience.

  9. Chrome 28 has arrived with new engine and improved notifications system


    The first version of Chrome that uses Blink engine has been finally released! Let's take a look how surfing in the Internet has changed due to changes introduced by Google's engineurs. There is also a couple of other modifications to Chrome 28.

  10. 5 security tips that make Chrome even safer


    Automatic updates and Safe Browsing function make Google Chrome a strong leader in browser security market. However, that doesn’t mean that Chrome is providing a perfect protection from hackers and malware. What can we do to better protect our computer from attacks?

  11. Chromebooks? No more, Google sees other fish in the sea


    In the middle of May Google's much awaited I/O conference of 2013 took place. The company didn't show any new Chromebooks; the workers from Mountain View seemed to focus on their two platforms – Chrome and Android. There was a lot of talking about the first of them, actually.

  12. What's new with Chrome 27?


    Google has just released the newest version of its well-known Internet browser. Numerous updates and brand new feature have arrived with Chrome 27.

  13. How to listen to your favourite music via Google Drive?


    Google Drive has allowed to browse and edit text documents and calculation sheets for quite a while. Thanks to a plug-in for Chrome you can now increase the number of features by turning the Drive into your music library.

  14. How can we view Office documents in Google Chrome?


    Google has recently released a new Google Chrome extension that lets you view Microsoft Office documents right in your browser. Just as is the case of PDF files.

  15. Four extensions that make it easier to work with Gmail.


    By all means, Gmail is one of the most popular and well rounded email services. Despite the enormity of the handy features and options in this service, there are a few extra add-ons  out there that can make the email experience even better.

  16. Disable automatic opening of PDF files in Google Chrome.


    As we all know, Google Chrome comes with a built-in PDF viewer that opens PDF files by default right in the browser. This is pretty convenient for most people but some people claim it is annoying. If you belong to the latter group and wish to disable annoying pdf handling, here’s how you can do it.

  17. Your Chrome's too slow? Extensive RAM usage may be the answer


    Google Chrome is undoubtedly wonderful – provided that we have enough RAM in our PC. Those who use older machine often grumble about the performance of Google's browser and say that their computer slows down significantly. Why is it so? What should you do?

  18. Run, cycle, swim! Chrome shows its potential with games controlled from mobile devices


    Google Sport Super Sync – these are three new games that have been released to show what new Chrome can do. And it turns out that its performance is quite impressive. Instead of a keyboard, a mouse, or even a touchpad, users can manage this applications with a smartphone or a tablet.

  19. IE10 is 8% faster than Chrome 20, says Strangeloop


    The browser landscape is quite crowded and is full of competitors from nearly every major technology company on the market. When it comes to selecting a browser for your needs, selecting the right one can be a bit difficult as they all offer ...

  20. Download Google Chrome 6.0 Beta Soon


    Google is gearing up to push the next iteration of its open source browser to Beta development stage. Google Chrome 6.0 beta has already reached the code freeze milestone, and obviously, the release of the fully-fledged Beta Build is coming next. ...