1. How to Block Ads in the Spotify App. (Adblock Spotify App)


    A short tutorial showing you how to quickly and easily block all ads playing in the Spotify app. Two different and easy options to block all advertising played before, after, and during song playlists and playback on Spotify.

  2. How to Disable the Built-in Adblocker in Google Chrome.


    It’s not very often that Google Chrome has to play catch up with all the other Internet browsers on the market. However, when it comes to built-in ad-blocking features, Chrome is very late to the party, only just having implemented the feature. If you are having issues with the built-in adblocker and would like to disable or whitelist websites, this guide will show you how.

  3. Adblock Plus no longer blocks ads in Android 4 2.2


    Adblock Plus is one of the web's most popular ad-blocking and content-filtering tool for desktop browsers. It has been available for Android since November 2012. However, it didn’t last long before Google team found a serious security hole exposing users to phishing and data theft in exchange for blocking ads.