1. How to Stop Aura Sync LightingService (32bit) Interfering with Easy Anti-Cheat.


    A short tutorial showing you how to get around the annoying issue caused by Asus Aura LightingService (32bit) that forces games to close whenever Easy Anti-Cheat activates. A super frustrating conflict between two gaming giants. 

  2. How to Fix Asus Aura Sync Not Working After Updating to Windows 10 Version 1909.


    A short tutorial that will guide you through the current known solutions for fixing Asus Aura Sync not working after updating Windows 10 to version 1909. A recently discovered issue with Aura Sync and Windows 10 Version 1909.

  3. How to Disable the Q-Code LED on Asus ROG Motherboards. (Disable Red Qcode LED)


    A short tutorial showing you how to turn off the red Q-Code LED on Asus ROG motherboards. A BIOS feature that has only just been released for most Asus Republic of Gamers motherboards which finally allows you to disable the bright red boot code panel. 

  4. How to Check if Your ASUS Computer Has Been Infected By ASUS Update Malware. (ShadowHammer)


    A short tutorial showing you how to check if your ASUS PC has been affected by the ShadowHammer ASUS Update Manager malware. A recently discovered threat to ASUS PC users who have been using ASUS’s Live Update software.

  5. How to Fix Motherboard, Graphics Card or Ram Not Showing in Aura.


    A short tutorial showing you how to fix the problem preventing Asus Aura from registering all system hardware correctly. A common Aura error that causes certain hardware components such as your motherboard, graphics card or ram not to appear.

  6. How to Stop System Startup Popups After Updating to Windows 10 Fall Creators.


    If you have recently updated to the Windows 10 Fall Creators update and are now seeing constant start up program notifications, the ones that require a Yes or No answer. This guide will show you how to disable them and stop them showing every time your system boots.

  7. How to Disable Standby Aura RGB Lighting on Asus Motherboards (powered off light cycling)


    If you have recently built a new computer or upgraded your current computer's existing motherboard to an Asus board that features Strix Aura RGB Lighting. This guide will show you how to stop your motherboard from cycling through its Aura RGB lighting when your computer is completely shut down, yet still connected to a power source.  (Turn off Asus Motherboard Aura Lighting whilst on standby)

  8. How to Uninstall/Remove Asus AI Suite III, EZ update and Fan Expert III From your Computer.


    A guide showing you how to fully uninstall/remove Asus AI Suite III, along with EZ Update, and Fan Expert from your computer. 

  9. Google Nexus 7’s 720p Video Recording Unlocked


    The famous Google Nexus 7 tablet manufactured by Taiwanese mainboard maker ASUS already has video recording capabilities, but only 480p recording has been available up until now. Skilled and curious users over at XDA Forums have reportedly ...

  10. Asus shows its Windows 8 and RT tablets


    Asus took the opportunity at IFA 2012 show in Berlin to announce, or more like rename, its two Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets and squeeze them into new Vivo Tab series. The Asus Tablet 810 and Asus Tablet 600 that were previously seen at Computex ...

  11. ASUS Intros S Series UltraBook with Hybrid Storage and Nvidia Optimus


    ASUS is very popular in the mobile space after making history with its well-known and highly appreciated Transformer tablets and Zen line of UltraBooks. What we were missing in the Zen UltraBook ASUS brings in the new S UltraBook Series. The new ...

  12. ASUS Launches the ROG G75VW and G55VW Gaming Laptops


    Taiwanese mainboard manufacturer ASUS has just officially announced the new ROG G75VW and G55VW Gaming Laptops, on its official website. These are part of the Republic of Gamers (ROG) product line and come with exclusive features. These notebooks ...

  13. ASUS SeaShell 11.6-Inch AMD-Based Netbook Set for March


    Netbooks may have lost most of their fame, but ASUS still thinks there are enough people out there who might want one, especially when that “one” has an AMD APU at its core. Advanced Micro Devices may not have paid much mind to the ...

  14. Asus Rampage IV Gene LGA 2011 Motherboard Set to Arrive Soon


    Showcased for the first time in mid-November, Asus’ Rampage IV Gene micro-ATX motherboard for Intel LGA 2011 processors is set to arrive next week. This information was disclosed by Asus US in a meeting with the Slashgear website, but sadly ...

  15. Asus Prepares Ivy Bridge Notebooks with Nvidia Kepler Graphics for April 2012


    Asus is working on updating its notebook portfolio with a series of new models based on Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processors which will be paired together with graphics cards based on Nvidia’s upcoming Kepler GPUs. At least three ...

  16. Intel Quad-Core Sandy Bridge Powered Asus N75 Gets Listed in Europe


    Announced at the end of September, Asus' N75 multimedia notebook has now started to reach stores in Europe, various models making their appearance including a quad-core powered version that retails for 1,089€ ($1,487). The notebook is ...

  17. Asus Outs 11.6-Inch Core i5 Notebook with Bargain Price


    Asus has just released in Japan a new ultra-portable notebook with a 11.6-inch diagonal, the U24E, that brings the Ultrabook style and size for a bargain price since it retails for just a bit lower than ¥60,000, the equivalent of $770 US or 558 ...

  18. Asus ROG Rampage IV Extreme Motherboard Gets Pictured


    Asus' ROG line has accustomed us with seeing all sort of outrageous hardware being introduced, but the company's latest creation, the Rampage IV Extreme motherboard for LGA 2011 processors, is truly the most exciting product to ever come out of ...

  19. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 Not Very Cheap at All


    People who hoped the Eee Pad Transformer 2 would have the same level of affordability as its predecessor will sadly be disappointed once the object actually gets launched, according to a new report. The tablet market has spawned quite a few ...

  20. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Gets Android 3.2 Honeycomb Upgrade


    Asus has recently confirmed that it will deploy the latest Android 3.2 Honeycomb software update on all Eee Pad Transformer devices starting today. The official announcement came via Twitter several hours ago and informs fans of the tablet that ...

  21. Asus UX21 ultra-thin should cost below US $1,000


    Asus' ultra-thin aluminum 11.6-inch notebook, also known as the UX21, certainly got a lot of attention at this year's Computex. Now it seems as if it might get even more once it hits retail/e-tail shelves, especially since Asus aims at sub-$1,000 ...

  22. ASUS Expands ROG Lineup with MATRIX and MARS II Graphics Cards


    Asus has unveiled a new gaming notebook and high-end motherboards for the ROG line, and it looks like the announcement also had information about two graphics cards based on NVIDIA technology. It appears that the Republic of Gamers product series ...

  23. Asus Also Has an LGA 2011 Motherboard to Show Off


    Intel's X79 Express chipset for the company's upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors seems to be one of the stars of this year's Computex fair, and Asus couldn't pass this opportunity to show us their own version of an LGA 2011 motherboard. The board ...

  24. Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z Intel Z68 Motherboard Pictured


    Shortly before Intel made official its Z68 chipset for Sandy Bridge motherboards, some reports pointed out that Asus is preparing a special version of the Maximum IV Extreme that will be based on this new PCH, and now the first pictures of Asus' ...

  25. ASUS Crosshair V Formula Caught on Camera


    With Computex just a week or so away, it was just a matter of time before leaks started to come out in force, and it looks like a certain high-end ASUS motherboard is the star of the latest one. ASUS has been focusing most of its wave making on ...

  26. New ASUS Tablet Is Black, Silver and Brown


    It isn't unusual for a product to get exposed prematurely in leaks or reports, but the leak dealing with an upcoming ASUS tablet is even poorer in details than usual, with just some glancing pictures of the product having been uncovered. If ...

  27. Asus' Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard for AMD Bulldozer Processors Gets Pictured


    On June 7, AMD will introduce to the world its highly anticipated Bulldozer processors and Asus is getting ready to take advantage of this launch by releasing the Sabertooth 990FX motherboard that was just pictured today. Sabertooth motherboards ...

  28. ASUS Z68 Motherboards Get LucidLogix Virtu, Switch Between Graphics


    With how pretty much every new chip is getting built-in graphics capabilities, it was only a matter of time before desktops, not just notebooks, got an automatic graphics switching technology, and ASUS's mainboards just chose Virtu. Those ...

  29. ASUS Intros Radeon HD 6770 DirectCU and HD 6750 Formula Graphics Cards


    Asus has updated its product portfolio to include two new graphics solutions that are based on the AMD Radeon HD 6770 and HD 6750 video cards and both of these feature custom-designed cooling systems that can deliver up to 20% better performance ...

  30. ASUS ROG Maximus IV Extreme Is a P67 Sandy Bridge Powerhouse


    Some may say it would have been an incomplete start of the year without another ROG-branded product from ASUS but, sure enough, the company delivered the Maximum IV Extreme motherboard. ASUS's collection of products bearing the ROG (Republic of ...