1. How to Fix All Firefox Add-ons (Extensions) Expired. (Fix All Firefox Extensions Missing/Removed)


    A short tutorial showing you how to bypass the Firefox mass extension removal drama. A temporary way to get some of your extensions back until Mozilla officially fixes the issue. If you haven’t experienced the Internet without your favourite ad-blocker or password manager, you’re in for a world of hurt...

  2. How to Check if Your Extensions Will Still Work After the Firefox 57 Update.


    By Mid November this year, Mozilla Firefox will be rolling outs its next major update, Firefox 57. This new update is going to have some drastic changes, one of the most noticeable being the end of support for Legacy Extensions. If you currently use an assortment of extension and want to find out which ones are on the chopping block, this guide will show you how to check.

  3. How to Use Gmail in Offline Mode and Schedule Email Sending.


    A guide showing you how to use Google's Gmail Offline extension to send scheduled emails and track the status of sent emails.