1. How to integrate Google Drive with Firefox


    If you use Google Drive rather often and your web browser of choice is Firefox, you certainly could use some kind of a good integration of Google's cloud with Mozilla's browser. The solution that we will be addressing will let you easily access Google Drive by a single click of your mouse on a task bar, without even exiting a website you're currently browsing – all you need to use is Gdrive Panel extension.

  2. How to triple storage space in Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive for free?


    Virtual hard disks are great tools for storing documents, videos, pictures and more. Unfortunately, the online storage you start with is not very impressive, that’s not cool if you have a reasonable amount of data to store. However, there are some free ways to increase the basic available storage. Here's a list of handy little tips to triple your storage without paying anything.

  3. SelfCloud: create your own cloud service on PC, Mac, Android Or iOS


    Although online cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and SugarSyncare are extremely useful tools and quite reliable for data hosting, there are some complexities about them, that your private information stored there is always at stake as all your data is uploaded to their own servers. There might be some confidential data which you won`t feel comfortable storing on the outer servers, but still you may want to access that as you would do using any other devices.