1. How to Fix iPhone Stuck on White Screen. (iPhone White Screen of Death)


    Even though iPhones are well known for being problem and bug free, even the best devices suffer malfunctions from time to time. The specific issue this guide will be addressing is the iPhone white screen of death, aka iPhone stuck on a blank white screen.

  2. How to Fix iPhone / iPad Not Recognized on Windows 10. (iPhone Not Found)


    If you are having trouble trying to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Windows 10 computer/iTunes and are beginning to think all hope is lost. This guide will show you a list of possible solutions you can use to get your iOS devices connected to your Windows 10 PC.

  3. How to Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts on macOS.


    If you are a stereotypical tech user like me, you’ve probably amassed quite a collection of phone numbers and email addresses with multiple doubled up contacts. Just like on Android and iPhone, macOS has its own built-in address book and contacts list, which this guide will show you how to organize and remove duplicate contacts from.

  4. How to Fix 'Unable to Verify Update' Errors on iOS iPhone X,8,7,6. (Stuck on OTA Update iPad)


    If you are trying to update one of your Apple devices to iOS 11.1 or higher and are receiving either of the following errors ‘Unable to verify Update iOS 11.1’ or ‘Stuck on OTA Update’ the following guide will take you through several steps you can use to fix the error.

  5. How to Hide Lock Screen Notification Previews on iOS 11. (iPhone X, 8, 7, 6, 5s)


    If you are new to iOS 11 or just haven’t really had the chance to browse all the new features since updating from iOS10. You may be interested to know that you can now fully hide the contents of all app notifications on your lock screen, preventing eavesdroppers getting a glimpse of what your notification contains. You can also configure your iPhone to only reveal lock screen notification contents when your fingerprint is sensed  (unlock not required).

  6. How to Prevent Screen Burn-in On iPhone X.


    The iPhone X was recently released, boasting an impressive compilation of hardware. Unfortunately one of the biggest draws of the iPhone X, its OLED screen, has one massive flaw! Screen burn-in. If you have recently purchased an iPhone X and want to minimise the risk of screen burn-in, this guide will show you some simple steps you can take to reduce the risk.  

  7. How to Disable Location Tracking on macOS High Sierra.


    Just as Microsoft Windows 10 has location services and tracking, so too does macOS High Sierra. Both operating systems use this information to provide useful location-based information for specific apps like Maps, Calendar, etc. If you find location services invasive and would rather disable them, this guide will show you how on macOS High Sierra.

  8. How to Put a Password on Notes on iOS 11.


    If you like to use the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad to jot down all sorts of information. This guide will show you how to enable password protection for any notes you have saved in the app, on any device currently running iOS 11.

  9. How to Fix iOS 11 Increased Battery Usage.


    If you have recently upgraded to iOS 11 and have noticed a massive spike in battery usage, you are not alone. Almost all iPhone users who have upgraded to iOS 11 have noticed poor battery performance, even on newer devices such as the iPhone 7. Thankfully, the battery drain problem on iOS 11 is easily fixed with some simple settings changes.

  10. How to Hide the Red Notification Numbers for Specific Apps on iOS 11.


    For the neat freaks and obsessives out there, having a clean, tidy, uncluttered workspace is super important. So much so that even a notification stack on your email or Snapchat icon can sometimes trigger feelings of untidiness. Thankfully, on iOS, there is a way to remove the red notification number associated with notifications or emails that haven’t yet been actioned.

  11. How to Enable and Disable Low Power Mode on iOS 11.


    As with most other smart devices on the market today, Apple iPhones come with a power saving mode called Low Power Mode. Traditionally this special power saving mode enables itself when you device reaches 20% remaining charge. If you’d like to make some changes to the way low power mode works on your device this article will guide you through the process.

  12. How to Hide the App Icons at the Bottom of iMessage on iOS 11.


    Introduced in iOS 11 in the name of convenience, the newly added icon row at the bottom of the iMessage window is something you are either going to love or hate. The new icons are supposed to allow you to more easily access apps, however, if you don’t use any of the items on the list or find it an eyesore this guide will show you how to quickly and easily remove them.