1. What's missing in Windows 8.1?


    Microsoft's users were hoping that Windows 8.1 would bring a couple of features that No. 8 lacked. And yes, a bunch of Windows 7-originating options have been restored. However, the company from Redmond has removed from its operating system numerous useful features that computer users were quite fond of.

  2. Minimize the risk of flash driver data loss


    Low prices and ease of use are the two utmost factors that make flash drives so popular. Considering this type of data carriers we should take into account a few rules that will help you keep flash memory alive longer and store data even more securely.

  3. Backup your important data with Backup and Restore Feature in Windows


    Even less experienced users know that file backups are important in case of hard drive failure, but many people wonder exactly how to store important documents. How to protect your data from permanent loss? Just create regular backups. This article covers the Backup and Restore feature, which can help backup your personal files and save you trouble