1. February 2017’s PlayStation Plus Free games.


    This month’s list of Free PlayStation Plus games.

  2. Game on: Playstation 4 presented at a New York conference


    Long awaited Sony's gaming console was finally unveiled. Coming with - rumours had it - a new controller, the Dual Shock 4, the machine is packed with an X86 CPU, 8GB of unified memory, and much more.

  3. PlayStation Vita Is Still Immune from Piracy Despite Hack


    Despite a new hack that allows users to run homebrew code, it seems that the new PlayStation Vita handheld from Sony is still immune from piracy. Yifan Lu, who has hacked the Vita in order to advance the aims of the Vita Loader project, has ...

  4. PlayStation 4 Coming in 2012, Has Kinect-Like Motion Sensor


    The PlayStation 4 is scheduled to enter the manufacturing stage later this year, ahead of a release in 2012, at least according to a brand new report, which also mentions that it will have a built-in motion sensor, similar to how the Kinect device ...

  5. PlayStation Network Back Online This Week, Sony Offers Free Benefits to Users


    Sony has just announced that the PlayStation Network and the Qriocity services will be back online this week, as the Japanese company is finally ready to deploy its upgraded and more secure systems. As almost all of you know, the PlayStation ...

  6. PlayStation phone to hit the market in April


    The Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone is rumored to be hitting stores in April. The very bizarre fusion of a phone and handheld gaming unit will be launching this February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but won't be available in retail ...

  7. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Should Get Price Cuts


    A new survey from Cowan & Company indicates that despite the launch of the new motion tracking systems, Kinect and PlayStation Move, the best move to increase sales for the Xbox 360 and for the PlayStation 3 would be for the game manufacturers to ...

  8. Sony pulls PS3 firmware v2.40


    It appears that it took Sony a couple of hours to launch and pull the 2.40 firmware update. Apparently, some consoles reacted badly to this and failed to boot afterwards. Sony called this a minor problem, and said that this will only be ...