1. How Long to Level 40 Calculator For Pokemon Go. (Pokemon GO Level XP Calculator)


    A short tutorial showing you where to find out how much XP you need to get to reach level 40 in Pokemon GO. A new tool that will show you how much XP you have to go to reach level 40 and a detailed breakdown of how many Pokemon you need to catch, evolve, hatch, etc to reach that goal.

  2. How to Change Teams in Pokemon Go. (Switch Teams in Pokemon Go)


    A short tutorial showing you how to switch teams in Pokemon Go. A feature that finally allows you to change teams in Pokemon Go. Something we’ve been waiting for, for a very, very long time.

  3. How to Find & Use the Pokemon Go, Go Snapshot Camera. #GOsnapshot


    A short tutorial showing you how to use the awesome new #GOsnapshot camera in Pokemon Go. The highly anticipated new AR camera feature that lets you show off your own captured Pokemon. If you have a shiny Dragonite you want to show off! Now’s your chance!

  4. How to Get Pokemon Revolution. The Best Pokemon Game You've Never Heard Of. (Android, Windows, Linux, Mac)


    While Niantic has been milking the cash cow that is Pokemon Go, there has been another MMO Pokemon game lurking in the shadows that has gone completely unnoticed. It’s has been around for a little while and is arguably the best Pokemon game I’ve ever played. Best of all you can play it on a variety of devices, and its free. If you’re a Pokemon fan there is no doubt this game will impress you.

  5. How to Download and Play Pokemon Magikarp Jump. Plus Some Tips and Tricks. (Android & iOS)


    After Pokemon Go’s massive success and slow decline last year, Nintendo have released a new Pokemon game for Mobile devices that is currently taking the world by storm. The new Pokemon game is called Pokemon Magikarp Jump and is based solely on the Splash Champion's life. It’s quite a fun little game, you can find out how to download it, plus get a few tips on starting out here.

  6. Everything you need to Know about the Pokemon Go Water Festival.


    It has been a while since the last Pokemon go special, with the  Valentine’s Day: All Things Pink  event wrapping up on the 15th of February. Fast forward to the 22nd of March and Niantic have snuck out a new Event:  The Water Festival,  which makes catching your favorite water type Pokemon a breeze!

  7. How to Find and use the New Evolution Items and New Berries in Pokemon GO.


    The Pokemon GO evolution game has all of a sudden got much more difficult for certain species. As well as amassing a huge amount of candy for that particular Pokemon you will also be required to use an Evolution item, similar to those used in the original games. So here’s the current and only known method to obtain those items in game.

  8. How to Make the Most of the Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Event. (All Things Pink).


    What’s new in the latest Pokemon Go Event. The All Things Pink Valentine’s Day celebration.

  9. How to Setup and Use Pokemon GO's, GO Plus Accessory on Android and iOS


    How to set up the new Pokemon GO plus accessory and the advantages and disadvantages of pairing this device with your Android or IOS, Smartphone/tablet, to get the most out of your Pokemon Adventures.