1. How to Disable the Start Menu Auto Expand on Mouse Hover on Windows 10.


    A short tutorial showing you how to disable the new auto-expand feature of the start menu on Windows 10 version 1909. An annoying new feature of the start menu that expands icons to show text whenever you hover your mouse over them. 

  2. How to Backup Your Start Menu Layout on Windows 10.


    Microsoft allows you to backup a lot of aspects of your Windows 10 operating system, including the start menu, though a lot of people aren’t aware it’s possible. As the process isn’t a simple click and forget backup procedure, this article will guide you through the procedure.  

  3. How to Rename or Remove Start Menu Entries on Windows 10.


    Windows 10 has a strange set of rules for things you’re allowed to customize and change and things you aren’t. For instance, you can’t change/remove the text from start menu tiles or change their icon, however you can change the names of entries in the start menu…. If you didn’t know you could do so, follow along as we show you how. 

  4. How to Change Windows 10 Start Menu Tile Icons and Colours.


    One of the most frustrating customization restrictions that Windows 10 has had since release is locked icons and colors for start menu tiles. The good news is that if you are looking to make some changes it's now possible and relatively easy to do so.

  5. How to Disable Windows 10 Start Menu Context Menu Options. (Right-Click Options)


    Windows 10 context menus  (right-click menus)  have quite a few customizable options available which allow you to add and remove items from the list of choices. Although these customization options aren’t as simple to use as many others, they are still easy enough to use. This guide will show you how to remove all context  (right-click)  options from programs and apps on the Windows Start menu.

  6. How to Hide Certain Files, Folders or Extensions From Windows 10 Search Results.


    In this tutorial, you will find out how to stop certain files, folders or entire groups of file extensions from showing up in all Windows 10 search results. This is a great way to keep any files you would rather people have less exposure to relatively safe. 

  7. How to Pin Specific Web Pages to the Start Menu or Taskbar on Windows 10.


    On Windows 10 you can pin a variety of different programs apps and services to your taskbar or start menu. What you might not be aware of though, is that you can also pin your favourite or most used web pages. The process is a little more involved, however, is certainly worth learning how to do.

  8. How to Fix the Start Menu After Updating to Windows 10 Fall Creators 1709.


    If you have recently updated to Windows 10 Fall Creators and your start menu has suddenly stopped working. This guide will show you several possible fixes you can use to get your system back up and running as it should be.

  9. How to Reset the Start Menu on Windows 10 to Fix Bugs and Errors.


    If you are having any sort of Windows 10 start menu problems, you’ll know just how hard it can be to identify and find a solution for them. Thankfully there is a way to completely reset your start menu restoring it to factory default settings.

  10. How to Hide the Start Menu App List on Windows 10.


    If the crowded start menu has long bothered you, you will be glad to know that the Windows 10 Creators update addresses the issue. There is now an option to hide all those annoying untidy apps that crowd your start menu, so let us show you how to do.