1. How to Find your Ideal Android Look With Android Taste Test.


    There are countless ways to customize your Android Device from new icons and themes to wallpapers, fully custom launchers, and Roms. Sometimes the idea of customizing the look and feel of your Android device might seem a little too complicated or time-consuming, that could be a thing of the past now though, with this clever new customization utility from Google.

  2. How to Enable Material Designs in Google Chrome.


    Google has recently started releasing its new Material Design look for a good portion of its services, from Chrome OS, Chrome browser and Youtube. Not all of these services are currently up and running yet however the ones that are can be turned on manually.

  3. How to Customise Google Chrome Browser.


    If you use Google Chrome to browse the internet on your computer and would like to personalise the look and feel, whilst increasing some of its utility. Here are a few great tips and add-ons that you’ll love