1. How to Get Microsoft Edge Chromium on Windows 8 and 7.


    A short tutorial showing you how to get Microsoft Edge Chromium on Windows 7 and 8. Edge Chromium has finally made it to the two versions of Windows that will benefit most from the browsers new engine and features.

  2. How to Delete Files Without Needing to Send Them to the Recycle Bin First.


    Sick of having to delete files twice? Well, you can actually delete them instantly without having to use the Recycle Bin. Here's how.

  3. How to Make Windows Automatically Create a System Restore Point at Startup. (Windows 7/8/10)


    How to make your Windows 7/8/10 computer automatically create a system restore point on startup. On Windows 10 by default, System Restore only automatically creates a restore point once per week or before major events like an app or driver installation.

  4. How to download Windows 8.1 Update from Microsoft’s website


    We have recently showed you how to install Windows 8.1 Update in a traditional way. This time, we would like to show you how to download the Windows 8.1 Update from Microsoft directly.

  5. Prevent your computer from waking up


    Many people regularly use a sleep mode function in Windows. The laptop is then still working, but uses the minimum amount of energy. The problem arises when the OS for some reason automatically wakes up your PC.

  6. 7 free Windows Store games to play in the office ;)


    A lot of Windows 8 users is annoyed by the fact that Metro (Modern) applications are launched by default in full-screen mode - which has no sense in case of large monitors. There is, however, one kind of apps that is worth launching full-screen, and these are games. Let's take a look at those among them that you can download from Windows Store for free.

  7. How can you install Windows 8 Apps from outside the Store?


    If you have ever wanted to install Windows 8 Apps that didn't come from the Store, chances are you couldn't succeed. By default Windows 8 doesn't allow any programs that don't come from it's Store and there is a good reason for it: while the Store apps may sometimes seem useless and crappy, they are at least malware-free.

  8. What's missing in Windows 8.1?


    Microsoft's users were hoping that Windows 8.1 would bring a couple of features that No. 8 lacked. And yes, a bunch of Windows 7-originating options have been restored. However, the company from Redmond has removed from its operating system numerous useful features that computer users were quite fond of.

  9. Save your time with Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts


    Whenever we switch to a new service, things can seem a little daunting at first. The latest Microsoft release isn’t staggeringly intuitive. Fortunately, they have created a list of useful shortcuts that are both quick and incredibly convenient. Fortunately, they have created a list of useful shortcuts that are both quick and incredibly convenient. Why not make the job easier?

  10. Set your Desktop Wallpaper as Start Screen in Windows 8.1.


    With Windows 8.1, Microsoft has added a new useful feature giving users the option to use their current desktop wallpaper as their Start screen background. Once applied, it eases the transition between the two environments, thus making it more user friendly. Here you can find out how to enable this useful feature.

  11. How to boot directly to desktop in Windows 8.1?


    Windows 8.1 is now available for all Windows 8 users, and brings some new features. Microsoft has apparently listened to customer prayers and offers the ability to boot directly to the Desktop, so you can skip the “Start Screen”. We will show you how to do it.

  12. How to create a system repair disc in Windows 7 or 8?


    Windows 7 provides a useful tool for creating a system repair disc that you can use to recover your computer from a major operating system crash. How to do it?

  13. Set up a picture password in Windows 8


    While we normally use a numeric combination as our password, many companies are struggling to implement new ways of protection.  Windows 8 provides a new feature on security by letting you log in with a picture password and experience the new way of logging into your device. 

  14. Getting rid of Modern UI, and other Windows 8 mods


    Microsoft tries its best to make all Windows 8 users become friends with the new Start screen and Modern interface. The elements of this new style mingle with the classic desktop, but some users don't like Modern and would love to say goodbye to it; here's a couple of tips.

  15. Save your time on Windows 8 with two simple tricks


    Although Winows 8 is not the most beloved among Microsoft's operating system, it is by all means an effective and fast one. However, there are always some ways in which you could improve its performance even more; so here are two pieces of advice for all of you who would like to boost their Windows 8 or Windows 7's speed.

  16. Work smart, not hard - a guide to hotkeys in Windows 8


    Windows 8 is an OS designed for touch screen devices and standard devices are sometimes difficult to be managed. Fortunately, there are some hot keys we can use to make it more navigatable.

  17. How to bypass Windows 8 start screen and disable hot corners?


    There are many annoying things about Windows 8. By no means, Windows 8 shocked many users with its dramatic redesign. On the of the most irritating things are hot corners, which display their panels whenever we don’t want them, and that users have to dismiss the Metro interface before entering the desktop. How to deal with it?

  18. Use RetroUI to shape your Windows 8


    As numerous Windows 8 users get tired of the “ingenious” solutions implemented in this system, there is a rapidly growing need for some changes.

  19. Microsoft: Low price for Windows 8 upgrade only until January 31


    There are only 10 days left before Microsoft rises its prices on Windows 8 Pro. The company from Redmond has just announced that after January 31, the bargain will come to an end

  20. Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Shipping Soon


    So far available only for Windows 8 machines, Internet Explorer 10 is about to be released in a version compatible with Windows 7 computers.

  21. Twitter app and more confirmed for Windows 8


    Lots of People have been asking, "Is Twitter making an app made especially for Windows 8?" The answer is, "Yes", but it may be a while before we get it. Twitter's Mobile account confirmed today that it will indeed be making an app for Microsoft's ...

  22. Microsoft: Four million Windows 8 upgrades so far


    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed here at the BUILD 2012 developer keynote that since Friday, the official launch of Windows 8, the company has already sold four million Windows 8 software upgrades. That's certainly not a bad start for ...

  23. Today Is THE Day: Windows 8 to Go Live at 11:15 AM EDT


    Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for has come. The new Windows 8 operating system will go live at 11:15 AM EDT in New York, as part of a press conference that’ll also witness the debut of the new Surface tablet. Of course, ...

  24. Skype for Windows 8 Officially Unveiled


    Microsoft has just presented a brand new version of Skype designed to run on Windows 8 and take advantage of the new features available in this operating system. The download links aren’t yet released, as the company will make the app ...

  25. AMD and NVIDIA release new Windows 8 beta graphics drivers


    The battle between AMD and NVIDIA over the PC graphics market continues, and this week both companies have released new public beta drivers that not only support Windows 8 but also give PC gamers some added performance in some games. Over at ...

  26. Bing adds Full Screen feature to homepage


    A few of our keen readers have noticed a slight change Microsoft has made to the Bing homepage. Among the set of image control buttons to the bottom right of the homepage a new button has appeared that enables a "Full Screen" mode, which hides the ...

  27. All initial online Surface stock sold out in United States


    It has been Surface crazy over the past week as Microsoft's Windows RT tablet was finally priced and made available for pre-order. Less than a day afterwards the $499 32 GB version without the Touch Cover was sold out of initial stock and ...

  28. First Acer Windows 8 PCs on sale now at


    Microsoft has been promoting October 26th as the official launch date of Windows 8 for some time now. But it looks like a PC maker has teamed up with a well known TV cable shopping channel to bypass Mircrosoft's launch date. HSN (Home Shopping ...

  29. How to Correctly Install and Run Mozilla Firefox Metro on Windows 8


    Mozilla today released a Metro preview of its popular browser Firefox, obviously aimed at Windows 8 users who enjoy Microsoft’s brand new Modern Apps technology. Truth is, the Nightly Firefox is only a preview, so it’s not recommended ...

  30. Unofficial Windows 8 app count now at 2,371


    As we get closer to the official launch of Windows 8 on October 26th, the number of apps listed as being available from the Windows Store continues to grow. Over a week ago, one unofficial source said the number of Windows 8 apps in the store ...