As we reported yesterday, Gail Davis of Kent, UK was the lucky winner of the $10,000 iTunes gift certificate. According to an exclusive interview with Cult of Mac, Mrs. Davis nearly threw the windfall away when she hung up on the winning phone call, thinking that it was merely a prank. Who can blame her for being suspicious of a mysterious caller offering free money? We’re constantly bombarded with spam and telemarketing calls, making it difficult to separate the real information from the fake. Gail Davis wasn’t even the one who technically downloaded the application, making her even more suspicious of the mysterious call from Apple. After her daughters informed her that the call was legit, she tried to call Apple back but was unable to find anyone who knew anything about the winning phone call. The three were forced to sit, wait, and hope. Luckily for them, Apple called back a few hours later and this time Mrs. Davis was ready to accept the prize. Also interesting to note is that although her daughters have iPods capable of using applications, she and her husband do not. Due to the winnings they are, “thinking of upgrading our nanos so we can join the party.” As is typical with many contests, giving out a prize leads to more sales for the company.