While gaming systems are usually known for their huge, flashy cases, maybe with a bunch of LEDs inside and out, Aerocool decided to tone both of these aspects down, albeit not completely, when it made the Qa-202. Gaming enclosures are definitely in no shortage on today's market, whether they are new models or older but revised/updated ones. Some of them even make a point of adding as much sophistication as possible, knowing that their target consumer base have enough money for it. Still, one might say that the majority of prospective buyers, when it comes to PC cases, are those that don't afford or don't see the point in all those LEDs and aesthetic enhancements. Coupled with the fact that most mainstream configurations can handle pretty much every game just fine, although maybe not at huge resolutions, this means there is a large market for less complex cases. Aerocool has now unveiled one such PC case, dubbed Qs-202 and part of the Performance gaming System (PGS) Series of products. It has enough room to support micro ATX mainboards and graphics adapters with a maximum length of 390mm, although the middle HDD cage will have to be removed in this case. Speaking of HDDs, there are six angled 3.5-inch drive bays for them. Also, the enclosure has a pair of 5.25-inch ODD bays as well. A pair of fans provide both cooling and light (blue), their sizes being of 140mm (on the front) and 120mm (at the back). Their rotary speed is of 1,500 RPM (rotations per minute). What's more, those that want something stronger can take advantage of the two pre-drilled watercoolinng holes at the rear. All in all, the newcomer measures 378 (H) x 200 (W) x 470 (D) mm and has already been listed with a price of 49.90 Euro. An I/O panel with USB 2.0 and audio exists on top, while the whole thing is coated black, both inside and out.