1. How to Fix Google Chrome Error ‘Couldn’t Load Plugin’ (Windows 10,8,7)


    Google Chrome is considered the best Internet browser available today, claiming more than seventy percent of the browser market. Although it is a very stable, popular and reliable Internet browser, it isn’t completely problem free. This article will show you how to fix an annoyingly common Chrome error: ‘Couldn’t load Plugin’  

  2. How to Set a Static IP Address on Windows 10.


    Windows 10 has a variety of different ways you can set a static IP Address, some are easier than others but all will give you the same result. A static IP. For this guide, we will stick to the three easiest options available in Windows, the Command Prompt, Control Panel and Settings methods.

  3. How to Make Collaborative Playlists on YouTube.


    In the push to make YouTube more than just a video platform, Google has begun to add new features that are intended to keep users inside the service for longer, rather than sharing content to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As well as this newly added chat feature, it's now possible to create collaborative playlists with any other YouTube users.

  4. How to Change the Size of Any Windows 10 System Font After the Creators Update. (not font size scaling)


    Since the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft has removed some system font size adjustment options. This minor feature removal means the font size is now locked to Microsofts preset levels. All system menus are now adjusted using the scale and layout slider rather than an individual's choices. This guide will show you how to bypass the change and restore almost all font size function and adjustments across your entire system.

  5. How to Hide Drives In Windows 10 File Explorer.


    If you often like to hide files and folders using the Windows hidden files option, this guide will show you how to expand on this hiding method by teaching you how to also hide System Devices and Drives that show in the Windows file explorer. The process isn’t as simple as hiding files and folders but if you follow the steps closely you’ll have your system drives hidden in no time.

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