1. How to Enable Tab Freeze in Google Chrome to Reduce Ram Usage.


    A short tutorial showing you how to enable Tab Freezing in Google Chrome. A fantastic new feature of Google Chrome that allows you to pause all background content occurring in other tabs. This feature is different from Tab Discarding which has been a feature of Google Chrome for a considerable amount of time. 

  2. How to Remove the What’s New Gift Box Icon on Firefox.


    A short tutorial showing you how to remove the new and mostly pointless What’s New Gift Box icon that has recently appeared on Firefox. If you are a fan of minimalism and clean interfaces, this is a useless icon you’ll want to get rid of. 

  3. How to Disable Superfetch on Windows 10. Windows 10 1903 and Newer.


    A short tutorial showing you how to disable Superfetch on Windows 10. A service on the operating system responsible for caching and fetching data on the fly. If you happen to have a slower system superfetches resource usage may outway its benefits so why not disable it. 

  4. How to Delete Your Reddit Account Permanently.


    A short tutorial showing you how to delete a Reddit account permanently. A really easy way to make sure that your Reddit account is removed from the Internet fully and irreversibly. Once it has been deleted, it’s gone forever.

  5. How to Fix a USB Port That Remains Active After Using Safely Remove Hardware.


    A short tutorial showing you how to fix the issue causing a USB port to stay active on Windows 10. Even after using the Safely Remove Hardware Tool. An additional issue you probably don’t want to encounter on Windows 10. 

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