1. How to Add Missing Programs and Apps to the Volume Mixer on Windows 10.


    Generally, Windows 10 is pretty good at managing input and output devices, with most connections and disconnections automatically taken care of. On some occasions though, things don’t always go according to plan, so if this has happened to you, this guide will show you how to make sure all programs and apps have proper access to sound devices and the volume mixer Windows 10.

  2. How to Fix No Sound in Google Chrome on Windows 10.


    Google Chrome is without a doubt the most popular web browser on the market, with Firefox and its other competitors scrambling to gain back lost market share. As good as Chrome is, it does have some issues on occasion, one such being the bug that prevents all sound playback. Thankfully, fixing this issue is quick and easy, so find out how.

  3. How to View Any Website in Dark Mode on Firefox With Custom Colour Profiles.


    Most device manufacturers, app, and web developers are starting to include dark/night mode options as standard on all the new products. YouTube, Twitter, and dozens of other popular services now have dark/night mode features as standard and although the trend is taking off it’s still got a long way to go. In the meantime, while you wait for mass adoption, there’s an easy way to view all websites in a custom dark/night mode so find out how.

  4. How to Transfer YouTube Playlists to Spotify.


    YouTube music playlists are a great way to listen to free music from your home PC or WiFi connected mobile device. Unfortunately, if you want to take these playlists on the road, data usage from YouTube video playback can quickly eat through your mobile data plan. If you happen to have a Spotify account, there’s an easy way to quickly and easily convert/transfer your YouTube playlist to Spotify.

  5. How to Enable Voice Dictation in Microsoft Office. (Voice to Text)


    Voice to text and speech recognition software and tools have come a long way since their early days. Most modern smartphones and tablets have some type of voice recognition or speech to text software, tools or apps available. It seems that Microsoft are also very keen to get the concept even more mainstream with Microsoft Office now featuring voice dictation. If you’d like to enable the feature and start using it, this guide will show you how.

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