1. How to Convert HTML Files and Entire Websites to Image Formats Like JPG.


    HTML files aren’t all that common to come across on the Internet during everyday use. That being said, you may eventually stumble across some, most likely when trying to download image files from websites. If you have come across a HTML file or just want to save an entire website to a JPG file this guide will show you how.

  2. How to Block Access to Websites on Android Devices.


    Blocking websites and website access on your computer is a relatively easy task that can be done without hassle. If you are trying to do the same thing from your mobile device, however, things get a little more complicated, so follow along as we show you several different ways to block access to websites on your mobile device.

  3. How to Change How Often Windows Automatically Deletes Files From Recycle Bin, Downloads and Temp Folders.


    Windows 10 has a built-in system specifically designed to keep your system clean and clear of junk. By default the option is disabled so you will have to manually enable it, then customize exactly how it behaves. If you’d like to set up Storage Sense on your computer, this guide will show you how. 

  4. How to Hide Your Online Status (Active Status) on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. (Desktop and Mobile)


    The latest interface changes on Facebook and Facebook Messenger have made it far easier to see who is online and active. In the past, you could easily pretend to be away or offline to avoid people and messages, now though it’s not so easy. So if you are trying to figure out how to show yourself as offline this guide will show you how.

  5. How to Call People Using Google Duo Even if They Don’t Have the App Installed.


    Google Duo is a small lightweight app available on both Android and iOS devices that allows you to quickly and easily start video and voice conversations with your friends and contacts. In its latest update, Google has added the ability for Android users to call other users even if they  (the recipient)  don’t have the Duo installed on their device. Sound cool? Find out how you can start using the feature.

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