1. How to Enable Microsoft Edge Application Guard Browser Security.


    A tutorial showing you how to enable Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge. An added level of Internet protection which isolates Microsoft Edge into its own environment.

  2. How to Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) For Firefox to Protect Your Saved Passwords.


    A tutorial showing you how to enable Firefox’s new 2FA protection for saved/remembered passwords. A very important security measure to take advantage of to keep your login details safe and secure.

  3. How to Backup Your Start Menu Layout on Windows 10.


    Microsoft allows you to backup a lot of aspects of your Windows 10 operating system, including the start menu, though a lot of people aren’t aware it’s possible. As the process isn’t a simple click and forget backup procedure, this article will guide you through the procedure.  

  4. How to Keep Track of Your Child's Location Using Microsoft Launcher.


    Although Microsoft has given up on Windows phone, they haven’t completely given up on the mobile market. Microsoft Launcher, which is available on Android is one of the highest rated launchers on the app store and now allows you to enable location tracking for user devices. So follow along as this guide shows you how to set up location tracking in Microsoft Launcher.

  5. How to Rename or Remove Start Menu Entries on Windows 10.


    Windows 10 has a strange set of rules for things you’re allowed to customize and change and things you aren’t. For instance, you can’t change/remove the text from start menu tiles or change their icon, however you can change the names of entries in the start menu…. If you didn’t know you could do so, follow along as we show you how. 

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