1. How to Share Your Location With People on WhatsApp.


    If you often find yourself getting lost, with your friends having to come rescue you, you will love WhatsApps location sharing feature. Using this feature you will no longer have to painfully describe your current location to your friends. “I’m under the tall tree next to the green sign”  

  2. How to Fix iPhone / iPad Not Recognized on Windows 10. (iPhone Not Found)


    If you are having trouble trying to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Windows 10 computer/iTunes and are beginning to think all hope is lost. This guide will show you a list of possible solutions you can use to get your iOS devices connected to your Windows 10 PC.

  3. How to Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts on macOS.


    If you are a stereotypical tech user like me, you’ve probably amassed quite a collection of phone numbers and email addresses with multiple doubled up contacts. Just like on Android and iPhone, macOS has its own built-in address book and contacts list, which this guide will show you how to organize and remove duplicate contacts from.

  4. How to Disable Pocket and 'Pocket Recommends' on Firefox Quantum.


    Pocket is a clever little service recently acquired by Firefox that allows you to save just about anything to view at a later time, videos, articles, picture and so on. As clever and handy as Pocket is to have around, it isn’t for everyone, so if you’ve updated to Firefox Quantum and would like to remove Pocket from your browser this article will show you how.  

  5. How to Adjust Windows 10 to Better Suite Colorblind Users. (Deuteranopia, Protanopia, Tritanopia)


    If you or someone you know suffers from color blindness or another similar vision impairment, you will be happy to know that Windows 10 Fall Creators now has an expanded range of colour settings to help people with color based vision disorders.

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