1. How to Disable Taskbar Icon Combining (Stacking) on Windows 10.


    By default on Windows 10, whenever you open a new instance of the same app, program, file or folder a new icon for that particular instance will stack behind the first instance on the system taskbar. If you’d rather this didn’t happen and would like to see all instances side by side, this guide will show you how to change the setting on Windows 10.

  2. Why Can't I Add Gifs to Snaps? How to Add Gifs to Snaps in Snapchat.


    For such an old, outdated image format gifs have somehow managed the comeback of a century, becoming more popular than ever. If you’re a crazy fan of gifs, then you’ll love Snapchat’s new co-op with Giphy which allows you to add gifs to your Snaps. If you can't get them to work on your phone or just want to know how to use them, the following guide has all the information you need.

  3. Four of the Best Screen Recording Apps on Android.


    Even though the latest versions of Android now have the capability to screen record, there aren’t any default/pre-installed screen recording apps on Android phones. Although this is the case, there are hundreds of apps available on Google Play that offer screen recording services, some good, some not so good. This guide aims to narrow that list down to four of the best.  

  4. How to Stop Windows 10 Updating to Version 1803. (Redstone 4)


    Windows 10 updates are a mixed bag when it comes first day releases. The last update, Fall Creators, saw quite a few major bugs on release, with thousands of users suffering a crippling error that prevented any and all access to the start menu and certain sections of the taskbar. If you fear the initial launch of version 1803 Redstone 4, this guide will show you how to avoid getting the update.

  5. How to Create Custom Map Directions Using Google Maps.


    Google Maps is a very handy tool to have at your disposal, you can use it to find your way to just about any location you can think of. Although Google Maps is very detailed and has just about every base covered, it still isn’t as good as local knowledge and insight, so why not make your own directions in Google Maps and share them with friends.

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