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Introducing Threads: Instagram's Unique Text-Based Conversation App

Threads is where communities converge to engage in vibrant discussions, spanning the spectrum from today's burning topics to tomorrow's anticipated trends. Whatever captures your interest, you have the opportunity to connect directly with cherished creators and like-minded individuals. Alternatively, forge your own path and cultivate a devoted following, sharing your innovative ideas, perspectives, and artistic prowess with the global community.

Embark on a plethora of possibilities with Threads...

■ Access your Instagram devotees Your Instagram handle and verification emblem are exclusively reserved for you. Seamlessly follow the same accounts you do on Instagram with just a few taps, and stumble upon novel accounts that pique your curiosity.

■ Express your unique viewpoint Unleash your thoughts by initiating a fresh thread. This is your personal haven, where authenticity reigns, and you hold the reins on who can partake in the conversation.

■ Forge connections with friends and beloved creators Immerse yourself in the buzz by delving into replies, offering reactions to the musings, wit, and wisdom of your cherished creators. Discover your tribe and connect with individuals who share your passions.

■ Govern the discourse Tailor your settings and wield controls to manage the visibility of your content, dictate who can respond to your threads, and mention you. Instagram's existing blocked accounts will carry over, and we remain steadfast in upholding the same Community Guidelines, ensuring a safe and genuine interactive environment for all.

■ Seek ideas and inspiration From TV show recommendations to career guidance, unravel answers to your queries or glean new insights from engaging conversations, influential thinkers, and industry experts.

■ Embrace every moment Stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends and live events. Whether it's breaking music, movie premieres, sports spectacles, gaming updates, fashion revelations, or cutting-edge product releases, uncover discussions and receive timely notifications whenever your cherished profiles initiate a fresh thread.

■ Open social networking – arriving soon In the near future, anticipate groundbreaking features that enable you to discover captivating content and connect with a wider audience. We envision a world where you can explore, follow, and engage with users on open and interconnected social networks, capable of shaping the internet's future.

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