CDisplay Comic Reader Download

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular to read comic books in digital format which can only be opened by a comic book reading software. CDisplay Comic Reader is one of the top dogs in the comic book reading category available today. It is a handy and reliable image viewing utility designed to view JPEG, PNG and static GIF format images in the form of a comic book.

CDisplay Comic Reader comes with an impressive list of interesting features. To start with, it allows viewing image files sequentially without the need to decompress the file which is very useful if you have several archived comic book files to decompress and not enough space in hard drive. Another important feature is an easy image navigation system, so you can view through images sequentially without opening each image file one by one. The application provides the-two page spread views as well as single-page views. The program performs no file writing capabilities so it leaves files totally untouched. There is an option to resize images to fit the view and apply color corrections.

  CDisplay Comic Reader is a highly recommended image-viewing application designed to ease the reading of CBR (comic book RAR archive) and CBZ (comic book ZIP archive) books and comics with WPF Engine and support for many popular formats such as rar, zip, pdf and xps.