Ela-Salaty Download

Ela-Salaty is a religious program that is designed to help users remember times of prayer. Basically, the Islamic way of life requires prayers to be performed five times a day. Nowadays people are extremely busy and have tight schedules, so they simply forget their prayer timings. This free utility aims to overcome this problem by reminding its users of the times of prayer. The tool is based on Arabic and also helps users to mention the name of Allah, besides claiming to offer many other interesting advantages to its users.

The programs interface is modern, and appealing. Apart from reminding you your prayer timings, it also comes bundled with other attractive features such as Grapping advice and news from the Internet with the use of RSS technology. There are some aesthetic touches, so you can change change the appearance of your program’s interface, thanks to support for skins. With the use of this app you can download Azan audios. Another great function is the ability to control the window, allowing you to manage the window with the use of system commands before and after Azan.

On the whole, the user friendliness of this tool makes it better than most other software applications of its kind. Due to the fact, that it depends on the internet clock the times of prayer are even more accurate. As regards timing, the application reminds users a few minutes before the actual timing, letting them prepare for the prayer. A simple approach makes everything easy to understand for all types of users, be the novices or more powerful individuals.