E-Mail Clients


POP Peeper

Easily manage multiple email accounts.


Mozilla Thunderbird

An immensely popular free e-mail client for numerous different operating systems.


eM Client

eM Client is an alternative e-mail client that allows you to sync your inbox, calendar assignments, notes and lists of tasks.


Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a fast and easy solution to manage your e-mail accounts.


Winmail Opener

A program for displaying and extracting messages saved in TNEF format.



One of the most interesting e-mail clients that has an interesting, minimalistic interface.


MailStore Home

MailStore Home is a simply E-mail backup program that allows you to create a backup copy of all e-mails both in e-mail programs and direc...


Gmail Notifier Pro

Gmail Notifier Pro is a small app that allows you to receive notifications from Gmail and other online services to your desktop.