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Inky is a free, cloud-based multi-account email program. Inky allows you to create a global account to which you will pin our e-mail accounts and we will have access to them from anywhere after logging into the main account. The application is characterized by an aesthetic and modern interface and additional functions that allow for better navigation through the content of the mailbox and prioritize the messages that seem to be the most important on the list.

  • The interface of the application is a modern and intuitive interface.
  • On the left side you will find a sidebar, the so-called dock, which allows you to navigate between accounts, view the contact list, edit settings or add new accounts.
  • Inky also allows you to activate the so-called Smart Views, i.e. intelligent views that catalogue the contents of our inbox according to the subject of the news. This allows you to switch between different views, each of which displays different messages.
  • There is also a personal view that displays correspondence with people on the contact list and a social view that filters messages with notifications and information from websites such as Facebook, Google + etc.
  • Subscribers can take advantage of the Daily Deals and Subscriptions views, which display promotions, marketing offers, subscriptions, and other returning messages.
  • Noteworthy is the "Notes" tab, which contains all the messages with notes that you sent yourself
  • Messages are displayed in the form of a traditional, but easy to follow view. The list can be sorted by date, subject, sender or size, as well as by the relevance of a given message.
  • Inky automatically analyzes our mail and assigns each message the appropriate level of importance that a given message may have for us. Because of this, the most important e-mails can be found at the top of the list.
  • Messages with the highest importance are marked with a dark blue icon, while less important ones with a lighter one.
  • Inky adds a series of actions to each message that you can use to save time. These are useful tools that, for example, allow you to unsubscribe from a subscription with one click without having to search the message footer for the "Unsubscribe" link.
  • You can also use the automatic address search function, which will then be searched and displayed on the map.
  • The latest versions of Inky also have a lot more protection systems that help fight against ransomware and traditional viruses.