Gearbox Software has just deployed a fresh gameplay video from its upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines title, while its CEO, Randy Pitchford, has talked about its recent delay and the new things included in the game. Aliens: Colonial Marines has been a long time coming, with both its publisher, Sega, and its developer, Gearbox Software, trying to make the best interactive experiences possible based on the famous film series masterminded by Ridley Scott. Over the years, we haven't seen a lot of details about the game and the recent delay, which now schedules the game for an autumn release, has gotten fans even more worried about the future title. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has now tried to address their worries with some new statements about the game, its recent delay, and the attempt at adding new elements to the actual aliens, so that they stay exciting and, of course, terrifying. According to the executive, Colonial Marines has been a labor of love and the constant desire for perfection usually trumps launch estimates like the previous spring one. "Aliens: Colonial Marines has been a dream project – a labor of love. We’re fully committed to our vision for the game. Creating deadlines is helpful to the process, but we do regret where it creates expectations that cause us to choose between changing expectations or compromising the vision." He also revealed that Gearbox was aware that the Xenomorphs in the Aliens franchise were already well known, so it was trying to add a few new versions to the mythos, while modifying them to create a new sense of terror. "It’s been fun for us to dream up the presentations, but we’re not approaching it like no one knows what a xenomorph looks like. We do have some awesome new variants to reveal for the first time, so we try to get value out of those moments for the experience when you’re playing the game." Last but not least, Sega has also deployed a new video for Aliens: Colonial Marines, this time opting to showcase actual gameplay, instead of the cinematics we saw in previous trailers. Check it out here.