Mobile phone maker Motorola Mobility is gearing up for the release of a series of new handsets that would run under Google's Android operating system, some of which should be on their way to Verizon Wireless' airwaves, the Motorola DROID 3 included. We already had the chance to see the new device on the web a few times before, in leaked internal documents and photos, and a new series of photos with it emerged for your viewing pleasure. No addition info on the new mobile phone itself emerged for the time being, except maybe for the fact that it might arrive on the market with a large 4-inch touchscreen display. Other than that, we can say that the mobile phone comes with a front-facing camera, which is quite common in most of the latest Android-based devices out there. The new mobile phone should sport about the same looks as the original DROID and the DROID 2 successor, but with the said large touchscreen included into the mix, and with slightly bumped hardware. Another thing that should be noted here is that the handset was mentioned along with the Targa codename, which is actually expected to become the DROID Bionic when Motorola makes it available in summer. The DROID 3 reporteldy sports the codename of Solana, previously leaked with model number XT862 attached to it. The DROID Bionic, however, sports the model number XT865, it seems. As the guys over at Droid-life note in a recent article, it remains to be seen whether Motorola actually decided to move away from the numbering of the previous DROID and DROID 2 devices, launched as A855 and A955, or the info on DROID 3 is misleading. In the meantime, however, you should have a look at the photos attached to this article, which reportedly show the Motorola DROID 3, and which come from Global Direct Parts. Stay tuned for additional info on the new device.