Although Google's latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system adoption on current devices still lags way behind Ice Cream Sandwich, the search giant is very close to launching another version of the mobile platform. The name of the new version of Android is unknown, but for the time being Android 4.2 will suffice. The good news is that rumor has it Google plans to launch this iteration of Android sometime in late October, along with the LG Optimus G Nexus smartphone. The folks over at Android&Me have been able to learn some of Android 4.2's new features that will be announced in just a few weeks. First of all, we should take these details with a grain of salt, though the source of the leak did provide accurate information in the past, Android&Me claims. Rumor has it that Google will allow multiple handset makers to build Nexus devices with the condition to include native versions of the platform. All Nexus smartphones will have to be compliant with NFC (Near Field Communication) and Google Wallet service. There will be a new Customization Center, which will allow users to customize ringtones or change language, wallpapers, launchers and other neat personalization features. In addition, the Customization Center will also contain custom UIs provided by handset manufacturers. Google Play application will be improved with new features as well, such as advanced search, promotional campaigns with notification center integration (optional), even more billing and in-app micro-transaction options. Google Now will be updated to provide basic information for Android first-time users. The integrated Video Player is said to get revamped and will provide new APIs for additional video services. Last but not least, there's a certain Project Roadrunner in the works, which has been described as Google's effort to improve the battery life of Android devices. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.