Arctic Cooling, a company well-renowned for its high-performance low-noise custom cooling solutions, has just released a revised version of the Accelero VGA cooler that is specifically designed to be used together with AMD's Radeon HD 6990. The new cooler is named the Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 and it pretty much resembles other solutions the company released in the previous years. This means that Arctic Cooling has employed the same overall design which relies on two 120mm fans for dissipating the heat draw from the GPU and into pair of aluminum heatsinks that cover the card attached to it. All throughout these massive heatsinks run no less than 10 heatpipes (five for each core) that are connected to a copper base. The base is surrounded by an aluminum mounting plate and this has been specially redesigned in order to cool the rest of the components placed on the PCB, including the memory chips, VRMs and the PCIe bridge chip. Just as most other high-performance VGA coolers released by Arctic, the Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 has some impressive dimensions, measuring no less than 300mm (11.8-inches) and weighting 820g (1.8 pounds). The two fans Arctic Cooling used for the Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 are PWM controlled and their rotation speed is set between 400 and 1500 RPM. The Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 is backed by a 6-year warranty and is available for purchase right now. Pricing has been set at US $150, about 113 Euros. The AMD Radeon HD 6990 packs together two Cayman XT cores on the same PCB for a total of 3072 stream processors, 192 texturing units and 64 ROPs, the two graphics GPUs featuring 2GB of video frame buffer each.