Asetek's WaterChill brand is set to make its comeback into the enthusiast space, as the company has just announced that the limited edition 2011C CPU water-cooling system will become available for pre-order from the beginning of July. The WaterChill 2011C made its first appearance at the CeBIT fair and it features a large 120x240 radiator that packs no less than four fans. These are setup to work in a push-pull configuration and can provide an impressive amount of airflow, when working at full throttle. Consumers who value their silence, can however tune these to decrease the noise produced while running, as the WaterChill 2011C is compatible with the company's ChillControl software app, which was specially developed for such tasks. The 1.5-inch thick 120x240mm radiator is connected in a closed loop with a low-profile pump, which is fitted with Asetek’s 3rd Generation coldplate technology. This system should be good for cooling CPU with TDP's higher than 130W, including highly-overclocked processors. “Asetek is re-introducing it’s WaterChill brand to showcase its latest liquid cooling technologies and make ultra-extreme, limited-edition products like the WaterChill 2011C available directly to end-users via the Asetek web site,” said Steve Branton, director of marketing at Asetek. “Our plan is to make limited quantities of 1,000 units or less of each product available exclusively through the Asetek web store and to introduce new products to showcase the latest in Asetek technology as it develops,” concluded the company's rep. The Asetek WaterChill 2011C liquid CPU cooler will be available for pre-order on July 1st, 2011 and shipping will begin in early August. No details regarding pricing are available at this time. Corsair also has a similar closed-loop water-cooling system, the Hydro Series H100, which was developed together with CoolIT and retails for $119.