After deploying a pretty hefty patch for the PC version of Battlefield 3, DICE and Electronic Arts have now released an update for the PlayStation 3 edition of the gorgeous first person shooter, which is now available for download via the PlayStation Network, fixing plenty of issues and problems reported by players while tweaking the balance in the multiplayer mode. Battlefield 3 was a very impressive shooter, at least when it came to its online mode, but there were a few aggravating glitches that plagued it no matter its platform, be it PC, PS3 or Xbox 360. Now, after PC Battlefield 3 players got their update last week, DICE has finally confirmed that the patch for the PS3 version is now live. You’d better clear up some hard drive space, however, as the update weighs in at over 700MB, but introduces a huge variety of tweaks, improvements, or fixes, while resolving some balance problems that plagued the multiplayer mode and resulted in nasty exploits that benefitted only some gamers.