It certainly happened to you that you had to convert any audio file from one format to another - whether between popular formats like MP3, WMA or WAV files, as well as between less known source formats. While there are many audio conversion tools that will get the job done in case of popular formats, dealing with unusual formats can make life difficult. Fortunately, there is a more powerful application that facilitates the conversion of both popular and rare files as well.

TAudioConverter - szybka konwersja pomiędzy formatami audio

Instead of downloading several applications that support a small number of formats, it is better to use something more comprehensive, that will allow us to perform all kinds of conversions. One such tool is TAudioConverter, an application that supports tons of formats and allows you to convert almost any file.

Not only does the application support less well-known file types, but also empowers user with full control over the conversion process, thanks to advanced settings it has to offer. Besides, working with the program is a breeze and it works without any issues - just drag and drop your source file you want convert or simply add it using the "Add" button. You can add individual files as well as entire folders, and even video files. By adding a video file into the program, you will be able to save the soundtrack of the movie to any music format.

TAudioConverter - główne okno programu

Once you selected files, you can also adjust the encoding method, bitrate, codec and many other settings. In addition, we can add some effects, such as balancing the volume of audio files or change their volume. A simple dialog box lets you quickly insert the basic information about the selected track - you can add the name of the artist, album, song, genre, and date. There is also the ability to maintain existing tags from the original file, if it has such tags.

There are also tons of other options to choose from. For ex ample, we can trim the source files, or copy artworks to another folder. If you have a lot of files to process and you are looking for a comprehensive tool that can handle both the popular MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC formats as well as less known files (such as music files from games), then TAudioConverter is perfect choice.