Cooltek, a German company that is best known for its line of CPU coolers and fans, has just announced the introduction of a new all-aluminum chassis which was specifically designed to be used for the construction of HTPC systems. The case is called the Cooltek AH-01, supports both mini-ITX and micro-ATX motherboards and comes bundled together with an IR remote control. The sensor required by the infrared remote is installed on the front panel of the chassis where it is also joined by a series of connectors, including a pair of USB 2.0 ports and a multi-format card reader. These ports are hidden behind an aluminum cover that is placed right below the AH-01's 5.25-inch optical drive bay. In additional to a DVD or Blu-ray unit, Cooltek's case can also house up to three storage drives thanks to the two 2.5-inch, and one 3.5-inch, internal drive bays installed. Users who often find themselves fiddling with the components of their systems, will be also glad to hear that the chassis' top cover is held in place with magnets, which means that no tools are required to open up the enclosure. Cooling is provided by two 80mm fans and the whole chassis has been engineered to reduce the noise generated by the system while running, as it features vibration absorbing feet, PSU rubber mounts as well as rubber HDD screws. Speaking of the PSU, Cooltek's HTPC case is compatible with all the regular-sized ATX power supply units. According to the manufacturer, the AH-01 measures 112x390x435mm and it weighs approximately 5.7kg (without a PSU). The Cooltek AH-01 is available right now for purchase in Europe for €159.90, including VAT. Right now, we don't now if Cooltek plans to release the chassis outside of Europe.