Dell’s most recent activities may have mostly involved mobile computers and electronics, but the company has definitely not forgotten about desktops and business-oriented machines, as made evident by the Precision T1600, a new workstation now selling worldwide. Dell's Precision series of computers is made up of PC systems which, instead of consumers, target the business and enterprise market segments. As such, they have different hardware layouts from what most users may be used to, at least as far as the CPU options and the available discrete graphics cards (if any are even chosen) are concerned. That said, the Precision T1600 is the latest model to be made available for order around the world, as made more than clear by the company's official website. At the heart of the hardware configuration lies a second-generation Intel Core i3 central processing unit or a Xeon chip. For those that want more specific details, the available Xeon CPU models are E3-1280, E3-1270, E3-1245 and E3-1225. Whichever chip happens to be selected is backed up by a solid amount of RAM (random access memory), up to 16 GB. What's more, Dell went out of its way to provide a matching storage capacity, specifically of 2 TB at maximum, although solid state drives of up to 256 GB are also a possibility, for users that are more speed-inclined. As for graphics, one might just settle for the Integrated HD 2000/3000 that some of the CPUs come with, or choose AMD or NVIDIA professional adapters (up to NVIDIA Quadro 2000) All the above, plus an ODD (DVD or Blu-ray), are packed inside a mid-tower case and sell for a starting price of $629. Finally, the product ensures peace of mind via ISV certified reliability and responsive service and support. The available operating systems are Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.