It's always sad to see some iconic product reaching the end of life (in some cases, a lot sooner than normally expected), but this is exactly what's happened with Dell's Adamo line of notebooks, at some point seen as the only system capable of posing a threat to Apple's MacBook Air. Unfortunately, according to a report by CNET, it seems that the level of interest for the Adamo was not high enough in order for the company to keep it around, customers opting for lower-cost solutions, despite of the fact that the Adamo really offered quite an advanced configuration and some very interesting features. The Adamo was initially announced back at CES 2009, following a very elaborate teasing campaign, and offered some truly noteworthy features, including here a super-thin form factor (just 0.65 inches thick and also extremely light), an attractive external design, a low-power CPU from Intel, and SSDs for storage. Additionally, for a higher level of mobility, the Adamo also offered a 3G SIM card slot, a feature rarely encountered in some of the other portables released at the time. The Adamo XPS, an even thinner Adamo model, just 0.39 inches thick, has already been discontinued, marking the brand's ultimate demise. The death of the Adamo is not exactly a surprise, given the fact that it's been discounted several times over the past few months, and received some lower configurations in order to perhaps boost sales, but not even these last-resort measures were apparently effective, and the Adamo will now proudly take its place in the halls of computing history, alongside its forefathers. Moreover, Dell claims that the legacy of the Adamo won't die out completely, its design inspiring current and future models including in the company's other notebook lineups, whether we're talking about the Inspiron, XPS, Alienware or Studio families.