Google is gearing up to push the next iteration of its open source browser to Beta development stage. Google Chrome 6.0 beta has already reached the code freeze milestone, and obviously, the release of the fully-fledged Beta Build is coming next. The Mountain View-search giant hasn’t revealed a delivery deadline for Chrome 6.0 Beta, but the company doesn’t announce its releases in advance. Google unveils new development releases without much fanfare, after all, the company does offer a multitude of builds at a very rapid pace. Chrome 6.0 is currently in the development phase in which no new features are being added, but the focus is placed instead on perfecting the upcoming Beta build, and softening up as much of the release’s rough edges as possible. Early adopters that will jump at the change of test driving Chrome 6.0 Beta will be able to notice a range of enhancements off the bat. Google has tweaked the graphical user interface (UI), integrated PDF into the browser after it swallowed Adobe Flash, and kicked up a notch the synchronization capabilities. Moving onward, the Mountain View-based announced that it will accelerate consistent the pace at which its delivers new Stable releases of Chrome. The promise from Google is that end users will see new versions of Chrome being swapped for one another extremely rapidly. Google emphasizes that the evolution of the release process was necessary because it intends to deliver new features to users as soon as possible, versus making them wait extended periods of time for a new major iteration to drop. Google Chrome 6.0.472.0 dev for Windows is available for download here. Google Chrome 6.0.472.0 dev for Linux is available for download here.