Coming with its own build-in PDF reader and a brand new version for Android, Mozilla Firefox 19 beta has just launched.

Adobe System's products – Flash Player and Adobe Reader – have been the standards for many years. However, with the newest update of Firefox users are provided with Mozilla's own PDF reader – PDF.js – that decodes PDF files. In spite of the Portable Document Format's immense and steadily increasing popularity, it also wrecked substantial havoc to computer which weren't quite up to the challenge. Opening PDF used to turn into a big problem as the Adobe Reader plug-in tends to slow down the overall performance, not so rarely leading the browser (or the whole PC) to a crash.
The troubles have been, so far, bypassed by Apple's Safari and dodged by Google's Chrome – it was high time Firefox came up with a solution.
A new beta version of MF for Android has been also released, reaching circa 15 million more phones. The requirements have been lowered substantially when it comes to both processor and memory as well as screen resolution. Android version now includes also customizable themes, deals with CSS' formatting and can be localized into diverse variants of Chinese.

Have you already installed the new version and, if you have, what is your impression? Share your opinion in the comments below.