April may still be a while off, but that is not about to stop EVGA, NVIDIA and GearBox software from showing how at least one of its features works. Kepler is the codename given to NVIDIA's upcoming series of graphics processing units (GPUs) based on the 28nm manufacturing process. EVGA, Gearbox Software and NVIDIA have established a partnership, of sorts, involving it. Gearbox Software is working on a certain game, so it teamed up with the other two in order to carry out an early demonstration of it. Using an NVIDIA Kepler-based product from EVGA, the developer will show off the demo of a future title. Unfortunately, this does not mean much for those hoping that NVIDIA would finally expose the official specifications of the GPU, not that leaks aren't doing this on their own. Since the demo will happen during the weekend (February 17-19, 2012), the event will doubtlessly focus on the game itself, rather than the hardware running it. For those that are in the area, the 19th PDXLan gathering was chosen as the occasion and will take place in Portland, Oregon. Until then, enthusiasts can take a look at a certain laptop that will run NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 675M Graphics Chip (backed by 2GB of memory). Samsung actually did the world a double favor, albeit by mistake, when it unveiled it, since the machine also happens to be powered by an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU. Go here to see all about how it was posted online, and then quickly taken down, but not before Google cached it. Of course, Gearbox and EVGA will likely have a desktop, not a notebook, running the demo, and the video card may or may not use the GK104 GPU. Either way, people who are looking forward towards something capable of overcoming AMD's Radeon HD 7000 series may wish to keep an eye on the web during that time.