Google has released the latest stable release of Chrome, version 21, that brings a couple of new features including support for high-resolution Retina screen on Apple's MacBook Pro and getUserMedia API for built-in webcam and microphone support. The main and probably most interesting updates are the official support for high-resolution Retina screen on MacBook Pro which was seen in the previous beta build of Chrome, as well as the new getUserMedia API support. There is not much to talk about support for high-resolution screens as the picture seen below is pretty much self-explanatory. The getUserMedia API allows web apps to access your webcam and microphone without plug-ins like Flash. Chrome still asks for permission before giving access, of course. According to Google, the getUserMedia API is the first stem in WebRTC, a new real-time communications standard which aims to allow high-quality video and audio communication on the web. In addition to Retina and getUserMedia API support, Google has also extended integration for Google Cloud Print and extended support for gamepads.