The newest update to Google's search app for Android brought the widely-rumored widget for Google Now, easily addable to your home or lock screen.

Making fewer steps to a certain goal has always been the goal of humanity. This time Google speeds up the process of checking weather and boarding appointments with a Google Now widget for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

The widget automatically displays weather, sports scores, meeting scheduled in your calendar and other information without you even moving a finger.

According to the changelog, other features in the release include:
‚ąí movie passes from Fandango
‚ąí movie ratings included in their description (via Rotten Tomatoes service)
‚ąí Zillow providing you with real estate listings should you be looking for a home
‚ąí U.S.-exclusive display of the music button when a song is playing in voice mode

In a blog post Baris Gultekin, Android's product management director claims that ‚ÄúWhen Google Now¬†first launched last summer, we promised it was just the beginning, and it would continue to get better at¬†delivering you more of the information you need, before you even ask. This is the fourth update since¬†launch, and we're just getting started!‚ÄĚ

The updated app can be downloaded via Google Play store.