As Google gets intimidated by Microsoft's Bing, will the company pay $1 to remain the default search engine in iOS.

The world outside us is simply cruel. In the jungle the reign of gold is invincible: the golden rule says that those who have the gold dictate the rules. As Google discovered, they may soon have to pay for their popularity.

Google is the default search engine in Apple's iSystems, but presently it will have to pay the company from Cupertino for its high aspirations. To keep their engine the number one, they may have to pay as much as a billion dollars.

Czy Bing przebije Google i stanie się domyślną wyszukiwarką na iOS?

Though these are only speculations, Scott Devitt, who is an analyst for Morgan Stanley believes that since the deal between the companies is based on how many iOS devices are sold by Apple, the more iPhone and iPads get their new customers, the more money Google has to pay. It is claimed that Microsoft bet to have its Bing search engine as the alternative.

Bing is the default search engine for Nokia and BlackBerry's phones; however, Google will probably wind up renewing the agreement with Apple – but how much is it going to cost?