Immediately after Rockstar Games confirmed yesterday that a new Grand Theft Auto game was coming, by revealing the logo for GTA V, rumors have started flying around the web about the game and where it's going to see its action take place. Grand Theft Auto games have shaped the industry, and Rockstar has always emphasized that numbered sequels in the series will bring massive changes and improvements to the core recipe. Now, as Grand Theft Auto V is official, people have started wondering what changes are in store for the series. Kotaku brought forth the most interesting rumors, saying that the new game will take place in Los Angeles, or at least a fictional rendition of it, similar to the older Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas title which saw part of its action take place in Los Santos, a 1990s version of L.A. Considering Rockstar already worked on bringing a virtual edition of Los Angeles to life for the recent L.A. Noire, a modern, real-life recreation of the city of Angels shouldn't be that hard. The website also reports that GTA V might focus on more than one playable character, unlike previous installments which showcased just the story of a single guy, whether he was Claude, in GTA III, Tommy Vercetti, in Vice City, CJ, in San Andreas, or Niko Bellic, in GTA IV. This might have some grain of truth, however, as the regular Grand Theft Auto IV told the story of Niko, while downloadable expansions like The Lost and Damned, or The Ballad of Gay Tony, presented the adventures of other characters, Johnny Klebitz or Louis Lopez, who all crossed paths with Niko. As such, GTA V might not wait for expansions to showcase different characters, and make them playable right from the get-go. As of yet, however, Rockstar is extremely tight lipped about Grand Theft Auto V, so expect actual official details on November 2, when the first trailer for the game is going to be released.