This year's CeBIT expo may not be as rich in news as the previous editions, but it cannot be said that companies aren't trying to leave an impression, especially with G.Skill showcasing its high-quality memory products. This year's CeBIT did not really see the launch of any new and massively-innovating CPU, GPU or whatever else. Granted, Intel did release the dual-core Atom N570 processor, but not much else has been going on in this field. On the other hand, there seem to be quite a few storage devices on display, like the Patriot Supersonic Magnum USB 3.0 flash drive and the Wildfire SATA 6.0 Gbps SSDs, plus the G.Skill Phoenix II SSDs (also SAT 6.0 Gbps). Now, it seems that G.Skill has brought more than just that particular line of solid state drives. Coming to rival the likes of Corsair, which showed off the Blue Vengeance DDR3 RAM, are new Sniper and RipjawsX high-end memory products. The outfit even issued a press release for this occasion, where the Sniper is described as meant for gamers and the RipjawsX for extreme overclocking. The Sniper have heatspreaders modeled after guns and should start selling this month, although the price is still unknown. “Following on from the continued success of its Ripjaws and RipjawsX series memory, G.Skill is extending the choice for gamers with a brand new and completely unique design of performance memory for PC gamers,” says the company. “G.Skill Sniper DDR3 Gaming Memory Series totes a unique gun styled heatspreader that complements the enthusiasm and style PC gaming enthusiasts who love to have their PC look as great as they play.” Meanwhile, the two new RipjawsX are 4 GB kits with base clock speeds and latencies of 2,300 MHz CL7 and 2,133 MHz CL6. G.Skill even made a point of actually demonstrating the prowess under the industry standard ATTO benchmark. They should be released soon and are said to make good teams with Intel P67 platforms.