If you're new to Suyu or have been using it for some time, chances are there are key performance settings you haven't optimized yet. While most users simply rely on Suyu's default settings which are set up for compatibility with their hardware, there are straightforward adjustments you can implement to enhance performance in specific games. So follow along as when show you how and when to switch between Vulkan and OpenGL in Suyu.


  1. When should you use Vulkan in Suyu?
  2. When should you use OpenGL in Suyu?
  3. How to switch between OpenGl and Vulkan in Suyu.

When to Switch Between Vulkan and OpenGL in Suyu?

This is a delicate issue but a lot of it will come down to each individual game. The way specific games are built is the biggest factor in which graphics option you should use. However, Suyu also plays are role in this, and here is a little explanation of things.

  • NVIDIA has optimized their drivers for Vulkan, which can lead to better performance on NVIDIA GPUs. These optimizations include better memory management and improved support for multithreading.

  • Suyu has been designed to take advantage of Vulkan's capabilities. The emulator uses asynchronous compute to offload certain tasks from the CPU to the GPU, which can result in faster performance.

  • Some games may run better on Vulkan than on OpenGL due to differences in how the two APIs handle certain types of graphics operations.

At the end of the day though, most people, including myself, have found that it's best to test games using both Vulkan and OpenGL. Some games work better with Vulkan and other with OpenGL. Though the hardware you are using also makes a big difference in this. so there's no 100% foolproof answer we can give you.

How to Switch Between Vulkan & OpenGL Suyu for Better Performance in Suyu.

If you're looking to toggle between Graphics modes in Suyu, you've got a couple of options. Firstly, you can head to the Settings menu for a more detailed approach – check out our guide for step-by-step instructions. However, if you prefer a quicker switch without going into settings, simply utilize the icons located at the bottom left corner of the Suyu window. These icons not only allow mode switching but also allow you to adjust GPU load quickly, which can be quite convenient.

As we mentioned further up in the guide it's best to experiment with a lot of the settings depending on the games you are playing. Remember, though, the effectiveness of these adjustments largely hinges on the particular game you're playing. Some games might perform exceptionally better with Vulkan on NVIDIA hardware, while others might favour a different setup. If you want even more customization and performance options, we recommend jumping into Advanced settings and testing some of the options.

How and when to Switch Between Vulkan & OpenGL in Suyu