Do you lose network signal when you go to another room in your apartment? Are you unable to keep a stable connection in your apartment? Do not worry, there are methods for boosting signal strength in Android.

Sometimes Wi-Fi connection on Android can be so moody that it works in one room but starts losing it just a couple steps further away. This may be caused by weak network signal or a faulty Wi-Fi module in a smartphone or a tablet. You can, however, use an application which can, after connecting to the network, optimize its connection and gain you up to 20% of signal strength.

Boosting Wi-Fi signal on Android

Wifi Signal Booster will help you in this task. This fully automated tool does all the optimization work for you in just one tap. First, let's take a look at how to use it and what is the meaning and significance of the chart displayed after the program is launched.

WiFi Signal Booster - application display and signal strength chart

The chart in the application shows you the current signal strength of a given network using the red line. Above it, there is a yellow line - it shows how potentially your signal strength may improve after performing an optimization.

To optimize a network, you just need to tap "Automatic Improvement" on your display. The application will now perform a number of operations and in a moment display a message informing whether the optimization processes has been completed successfully.

Boosting Wi-Fi signal on Android


The chart will be now updated and, if everything went right, you should see now that your red signal is at the level where previously there was the yellow line.