Websites such as Youtube allow users to watch videos as many times as they wish, however, downloading video content is not an option. This doesn't mean it is impossible, however, there are plenty of online tools and websites that allow you to download the videos using URL links. What isn't as common, however, are tools that allow you to convert HD video files into Gif or Webm format, something this guide will show you how to do.  


Downloading a Video From YouTube or Any Other Video Site Using a URL Downloader.

The first step in this process is to go to the location of the video you want to download, be it Youtube, Vine, whatever. Once you have the video open, copy the link to the video using Ctrl+L or the old-fashioned way, by highlighting it and using copy and paste. Now that you have the address copied, paste it into the URL download website of your choice. For this guide, we are using one called Savefrom. Next, save the file in the quality you think is best, remembering bigger is always better for quality. Don’t be greedy though, if you are pressed for space, a 720p file will be fine for viewing later on a smaller device.

Note: Savefrom has a Chrome extension available for download if you wish to save a little time in the future. Subtitles are available on some videos by clicking on the More option. If subtitles are available, you can choose to include them in the download as well.


Downloading a Video From Youtube Using Browser Extensions.

The following method can be used on almost any browser with an appropriate add-on. For this guide though we will be using Firefox. To begin, make sure you have an add-on installed that will allow you to download videos, again there are plenty to choose from, though one that works well is an add-on called Flash Video DownloaderAnother alternative you can use is called 4K Video Downloader, which allows you to download video, audio, and subtitles from YouTube in the highest quality available.


Now you have downloaded the video file you wish to use, you may want to edit the video, cutting out a few short clips. You can edit a video using any editing software you choose, however, if you do not currently have anything installed on your system check out a few of these free options: Lightworks, VideoPad video editor, Avidemux, and VSDC Free.

Note: When you edit any video, check the frames per second beforehand. This is important so when you export it, you export with the same frames per second, this will help avoid duplicate frames and give you better quality.

Converting the File You Downloaded to 'Gif' or 'Webm'.

Most people generally just make .Gifs files using gfycat. This is done by simply uploading a video file, then saving the uploaded file again (which is now in .gif format). This is fine if you want .gifs and nice and easy, however, there is a much better way and file format to use with great image quality.

The format is called Webm and can be converted using Sorenson Squeeze video encoding software. It is a paid program, however, there is a 30 day free trial worth testing out (they do watermark the video). With Sorenson Squeeze, you can just about convert any file you want, into any format you want.

Once you have downloaded and installed Sorenson Squeeze, bring your gaze to the top left-hand corner. At the top it says Import File, click this and choose the that you want to convert. The next step is choosing the format you wish to convert too, below where you just saw import file there is a menu called Audience Presets, flip the tab to Formats.

This shows all the different formats you can encode your file too. Scroll down and click .WebM, it will be the second last choice. The arrow to the left will open up several different presets inside the WebM menu, choose a preset that is best suited for the file you are encoding, if you have a 720p HD file, you may want to choose Youtube_WebM_720. The choice is yours however. If you right-click on any of the presets, then click on Edit, you will see a huge list of options that you can fool around with to get the best possible quality video.

Note: Alternatively, you can use a free online service called Convertio to get the job of converting to Webm done.


Now you can add filters or adjust the length of your video by dragging in the start point or the end point. Cropping is also an option should you require it. When you are done with any changes you want to make, click Squeeze It (Found at the bottom right). The video will begin encoded to .WebM format. when it's ready, you can upload it to gfycat. Just remember to choose the option do not resize if you want to keep the original size of the video.

Note: There are a few online tools you can use to convert files to .Webm, however, they do not offer the quality using a program based on your computer does. If quality isn't so much of a big deal though, a Google search can get you what you need.