Did you find an interesting video clip on Daily Motion and you would like to download it onto your hard drive? That is fairly easy, you just need to visit a website that helps you save the file onto your computer.

How to download video clips on Daily Motion

There is no problem with downloading video clips from Daily Motion. Using SaveVideo.me you can save clips from Daily Motion onto your hard drive in MP4 format. You can choose among a number of quality-varying versions - 480p, 720p, 1080p and other.

Downloading a video clip from Daily Motion

First of all, you need to find a video clip that you would like to save. Once you have done that, you have to copy its URL address from the URL address bar in your browser.

Next, you have to go to SaveVideo.me and paste the URL of the clip into the field in the centre of the screen. Then, click on the "Download" button. The service will now analyse the pasted link looking for available video clips and then display the download links below.

Pastying the link to a Daily Motion video clip

Your links will be displayed below; each of them provides you with a version of different quality. Choose the version you want to download and then right-click on its "Download video file" link and choose "Save as".

DailyMotion - saving a video clip to your hard drive

Just save the ready video clip file onto any place on your hard drive and - voila! - done. The video clip will be saved in MP4 format and you will be able to play it on your computer at any time.