Although undoubtedly useful, the Internet can sometimes seem a wee bit insecure, especially if you want to send some important files. While encrypting your sensitive data is of course possible, some people may be discouraged by having to install and manipulate with additional programs.

Decrypting applications may be annoying to some users. There is, however, an easy solution to that problem: a one-click Silver Key, an application that secures your files with 256-bit encryption and AES ciphering. The best thing? You can encrypt your files from Windows Explorer's level.

Once you have downloaded the program and gone through the wizard left-click on the key icon on your desktop twice to finish the installation process. In the end of the setup the program will ask you to display the quick tutorial placed on the distributor's website.

How to create an encrypted parcel? There are two methods:
1. Drag the file that you would like to encrypt and drop it on the key icon.
2. Right-click on the file and pick Create Parcel from the list of the context menu.

If you would like to make the encrypted parcel in some other folder, you should right-click on the un-encrypted file and drag it into the folder you'd like it to be in (still holding down the right button). Choose Create Parcel Here from the newly appeared contect menu.

If you have created an .exe parcel another person won't need any programs to encrypt the parcel; all they would have to do is to type in the password and access what's inside.

In case of non-exe parcels to access the content you have to drag the parcel and drop it on the key icon, but you can also right-click on the parcel and choose Decrypt Parcel from the context menu. Type in the password and browse the content. Parcels can be also verified for authenticity, as well as shredded after browsing to erase it from the hard drive.

Other features of Silver Key include:
- selecting commands that appear in the context menu;
- choosing the function of the desktop icon;
- replacing Silver Keys default icons.