If you have been waiting for Microsoft Edge to get voice typing support. The wait is finally over. The stable release of Microsoft Edge finally has full voice typing support that uses Windows 10’s Online Speech Recognition tool. Although the feature is disabled by default, it can be enabled quickly and easily right now, so follow along as we guide you through the steps. 


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Since Microsoft changed the core platform that Ege runs on to the Chromium engine, Edge has become one of the best browsers currently on the market. It finally has the potential to become serious competition for Google Chrome’s long-standing browser dominance. Although Microsoft’s strategic placement of Edge in Windows 10 has a lot to do with this the browser holds its own very very well.

I’ve been using Edge since it was released on the Chromium engine and can happily say that now is the best time to make the switch from Google Chrome. Edge has gained so many great features over the last 12 months it is finally where it needs to be. It’s also quicker and generally more resource-friendly than Chrome so it’s a no brainer really. 

The latest feature to find its way over to Edge brings full voice typing support to the browser. Allowing you to type content using your voice rather than your keyboard. Although the feature is disabled by default and requires a small setup process it’s worth the time it takes, so let’s get started. 

Quick steps to enable voice typing in Microsoft Edge: 

  1. Update Edge to the latest version. 
  2. Open Settings on Windows 10 and go to Privacy > Speech. 
  3. Here enable Online speech recognition.
  4. Open Edge and press Windows Key + H. 
  5. Now speak and your request will be converted to text automatically. 

How do you enable voice typing in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10?

As voice typing in Microsoft Edge utilises Windows 10’s Online Speech Recognition tools, you’ll need to make sure you have them enabled before you can do anything else.

  • To do this open Settings and go to Privacy > Speech. Here, use the toggle to enable Online speech recognition


  • When you have Online Speech Recognition enabled, you’ll need to follow the next set of steps shown below to enable voice typing in Edge.

How do you use Voice Typing in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10?

Now that you have speech recognition enabled on Windows 10, you’ll be able to start using Voice typing in Edge.

  • To start voice typing in Microsoft Edge press the Windows Key + H on your keyboard and a small text box will appear at the top of your saying Listening.


  • Now all you have to do is start speaking to your device and everything will be converted to text. As always there are a few things that determine how accurate this is. Including how clearly you speak and how close to your microphone you are. 

Although this process isn’t entirely keyboard free, there is currently a new system being trialled in Microsoft Edge Canary that aims to entirely remove the requirement for keypresses to enable voice typing.