If you are embracing as many new AI features as possible you'll be super excited to find out that Windows 11 is getting Super Resolution AI Upscaling support. This brand new feature will dramatically improve your gaming experience with better frame rates and visual quality. It still relies on some hardware specs but it's a great way to get a boost for free if your hardware is supported.


  1. Enabling AI Upscaling (Super Resolution) on Windows 11 a new feature similar to, DLSS, FSR, XeSS.
  2. Learn how to enable Super Resolution AI upscaling on Windows 11 for better performance and visuals.

How to Enable Super Resolution on Windows 11.

At the time of writing Super Resolution is hidden on Windows 11 build 26052 however if you are using the Canary or Dev Channel, you can use the ViveTool app to enable it.

  • To try the feature, download the ViveTool from GitHub page
  • Unzip the files, then open Command Prompt or Powershell as an administrator and run the following command

vivetool /enable /id:39695921 /variant:3 command

Note: You will need to make sure you are running the command from the Vivetool folder so just right-click inside the Vivetool folder and select Open in Terminal then copy and paste the command.

How to Enable the AI Super Resolution Feature on Windows 11

  • Once you have run the command, you can enable the Super Resolution Feature from Settings > Display > Graphics just Enable the Automatic super resolution setting toggle.

How to Enable the AI Super Resolution Feature on Windows

What is AI Super Resolution on Windows 11 and is it Worth Enabling?

Microsoft has been going all in on AI lately and already has a ton of features planned for Windows 11 and all of its other services. One of the best features coming to Windows 11 is AI upscaling in the form of Super Resolution which uses an efficient AI upscaler to give you better FPS and visual quality when playing games on the latest Windows 11 versions. All supported games play more smoothly and will have plenty of enhanced details.

As with everything there are still hardware limitations involved so don't expect your old laptop to instantly become a gaming PC but it will give an already decent computer a nice little boost. It's very similar to the options already offered by AMD, NVIDIA and Intel which all use ai to upscale content. At this stage the feature is experimental but you can enable it now if you are using a canary or dev channel of Windows 11 and don't mind using the Vivetool to uncover it. If you're not in a rush though AI upscaling (Super Resolution) is coming to Windows 11 24H2 update.

Other AI Features Coming to Windows 11

AI is also coming to Windows search, allowing you to search files, settings, and apps using natural language. Windows 11 version 24H2 is also rumoured to have a brand new personalization feature, called “Depth Effects,” which will use AI to convert static images into moving wallpapers by adding a parallax effect. This means that when you move your mouse around your screen, you will notice different layers in the background that move at different speeds to give you a sense of depth. While all these features sound super cool! Expect a massive performance hit and data collection trade-off. Microsoft loves nothing more than wasting resources while collecting your usage data.