If you are trying to add someone as a friend in Discord but the Friend Request keeps showing a failed error. This article will show you some quick things you can do to solve the problem. Just be prepared for a less than favourable outcome as this error message may just be trying to let you down gently.


  1. Why do friendly requests in Discord keep showing - Friend Request Failed: Hm, didn't work. Double check that the username is correct.
  2. How to Fix Discord Friend Request error - Friend Request Failed: Hm, didn't work. Double check that the username is correct.

How to Fix Discord Friend Request Failed Error.

First things first, there is a really high chance that you are getting this error message because the person you are trying to send a friend request to has blocked you. If that is 100% not possible work your way through the steps shown below or just call it a day and move on with your life! Also! Make sure that you have tried restarting Discord as well.

Check Discord Server Status

Although there is a very slim chance that this is causing your problems it's a good idea to check if Discord servers are up and running. Simply visit Discord's official status website to check for any ongoing server issues. If there are problems, wait until Discord has resolved the issue the try to send the friend request again.

Verify the Username Your trying to Add.

The most common reason for a “Friend request failed” error in Discord is using incorrect username details. If you are trying to enter the wrong username you are either sending the request to the wrong person, or you are sending the friend request into the void.

  • Confirm the exact username and discriminator of the person you wish to add. You can find this info on their profile or by asking them over DM.

If you are sure the info is correct and are still getting the error message try asking them to send the request again. You can also check to see if they have accidentally blocked you. That's also a possibility. Try send a friend request to someone else and see what happens?!

Check your Internet Connection

A poor or unstable internet connection can cause issues with sending friend requests on Discord.

Windows 11

  • Type Troubleshoot in Windows search and press Enter.

  • Select Other troubleshooters.

  • Find Network & Internet troubleshooter from the list and select Run.

  • Wait till the process is finished and apply the offered fixes.

  • Restart your device.

Windows 10

  • Right-click on Start and pick Settings.

  • Go to the Network & Internet section.

  • On the right side, find the Advanced Network Settings section.

  • Click Network Troubleshooter and wait.

  • The fixes will be automatically applied.

Adjust your Discord Privacy Settings

Your Discord Privacy Settings may be preventing you from sending and receiving friend requests.

  • Open Discord and go to Settings.

  • On the left side, find the Frend Request section and select it.

  • Make sure that all the options here are enabled.

  • This also applies to the person you are trying to send a friend request, so you should notify them about this.

Reinstall Discord

Well, we've come this far, so you must be pretty desperate, and while there's not much chance of it working you might as well just clean install Discord and see if that solves the problem for you. Either the desktop version or the Discord app on mobile. At this point in the guide, I think it's safe to assume that someone has blocked you on Discord and there's nothing you can do about it.