If you're having problems like games not appearing in your Suyu library or encountering errors when trying to play them, this guide offers a straightforward solution. Follow these steps to ensure all your games are visible in your Suyu library and function correctly when launched on both Windows 10 and 11.


  1. Learn how to fix games not working in Suyu.
  2. How to fix games not appearing in the Suyu library.

How to Fix Games Not Working or Appearing in the Suyu Library - Error Messages with Games in Suyu.

When adding new games to your Suyu library, there are two things you need to be aware of, your Prod.keys and your Firmware version. Each time you add a new game (based on the game's release date, not the date you acquire it), you need to make sure that you update your Prod.keys and Firmware accordingly. More often than not newly released games will require a fresh set of Prod.keys and Firmware. If you try to add a new game without doing this it may not appear in the library or fail to launch.

Thankfully all you'll need to do is obtain newer product keys and update the Prod.keys file in the Suyu installation folder:


How to Fix Games Not Working or Registering in the Suyu Library

Simply locate and replace the existing Prod.keys file in the above folder with a new one, and all the games you're trying to add will start working. You may need to perform this update periodically, particularly for newer games. New-release games almost always require an update to the Prod.keys file.

Once you've updated your Prod.keys, you'll need to do the same for your Firmware. You can usually find the required files along with the games and keys you obtain.

Where to Find Updated Prod.keys and Firmware Files for Suyu?

This is the tricky part! Usually, you can find Prod.keys for Suyu in the same place where you acquire your games. However, due to certain restrictions, we can't mention specific locations. In such cases, the Suyu Discord server can be quite helpful for troubleshooting issues like this. As mentioned earlier, if you're new to Suyu, you'll find the links below extremely helpful, particularly those related to optimization and game saves.

Is Suyu Better than Yuzu?

You're probably wondering if it's worth switching from Yuzu to Suyu? And to put it simply, the answer is Yes! Yuzu is sadly no longer a viable option since it was shut down by Nintendo. However, Suyu has popped up in its place and is a Yuzu clone that is already be updated and worked on. so while Yuzu will continue to work for most older content new content will slowly start to stop working as there aren't any more updates coming to fix and add compatibility.