Are there people calling you from unknown phone numbers? Are you tired of telemarketers, bank offers, invitations to meetings you're not interested in? You can easily check who's hiding under an unknown number.

Calls from numbers you see for the first time in your life are extremely irritating, especially if someone's repeatedly invading your personal phone number. All you have to do is to call a bank once, asking for a credit offer, or to send a text message to register somewhere; and then your number finds its way into bank and telemarketing registry of all companies possible. And you get lots and lots of "great offers just for you".

How to identify an unknown number on Android

Of course, by "unknown number" I don't mean identifying private numbers (those that do not display on your phone). However, if a number is displayed, you can check who called you or whose number it is.

To do that, you can use CIA - free caller id, a free application. This service has been created by a community of members who collect information about numbers used by banks, telecommunication services providers and all kinds of telemarketers with their offers of products and services.

Once you have launched the application you will see its main menu. You can check the numbers in a few ways. First an foremost, there is a search engine in the centre of the screen - just type in the number you would like to know more about and click Search.

If the number is present in the data base, comments from users will be displayed regarding the caller - who does he/she represent, what offer do they present, what do they call for, etc.

There is also a more convenient way of checking numbers. If there's a plethora of missed calls from unknown number, you just have to choose the option Check call history.

The application will check all your received and missed calls and then display information about each of them. If there is a comment about a given number in the data base, you just have to look it up on the list and check who called you. Quick, convenient and no need to paste the number.

You can also browse through recently added comments about all the numbers in the service. Keep in mind that new comments appear every few minutes, so the data base of the service is enormous.